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I am going to start on SF next week and try it for a few months. I have been using Zwift for 2 months, completing their FTP Builder training program to raise my FTP from 141 to 180. I am 61 and new to serious cycling. What set up is recommended? I have been using a new Wahoo Smart trainer, wahoo HR strap, iPhone, apple 4k Tv, and a 55” 4K Smart Tv on Zwift. This set up works well. SF does not work on Apple TV yet. To use the 4K TV for SF, is it better to cast from my iPhone, cast from a Surface pro 7 or hdmi from an 12 year old laptop with a limited video card? I am thinking that I will prefer SF and don’t want to disadvantage it with a poor quality setup that lacks the immersive experience.

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Hi Brad,

Welcome, sounds like you’ve got a great setup there. I’m new to the app as well, despite using the downloaded videos since 2010, I only just got the tech required to run the app in the last a few months. I had previously on my 4 year old PC but gave up because the Bluetooth connection would keep dropping out despite using an extension lead to place the dongle closer to the sensors on my bike. Does your 12 yr old laptop meet the minimum spec?

I’ve been happily running the app on my Ipad or iPhone SE (1st gen) which are both iOS 14 with no issues. I haven’t tried casting via airplay to a screen because I don’t have an Apple TV, but in my experience Apple stuff just works so wouldn’t expect you’d have any problems.

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Welcome Brad, I have the app on my iPhone and computer. For cycling workouts, I use the phone, inside a holder and attached to the handlebars.The app connects to the Wahoo trainer, tickr, and Wahoo cadence sensors. I can use the computer for the yoga and strength workouts


If you have the SUF app on your phone you may be able to cast it to the Apple TV (I haven’t tried). Otherwise, try using an HDMI to Lightning adapter to connect directly to the TV. That is what I use with my iPad and it works great.

We might see an Apple TV app in the near future - there were some comments about it a month or two ago - maybe for Q1 2021.

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Welcome, @Bradkerr! You can screen share your iPhone to Apple TV which should get the app to your screen. It doesn’t work like airplay, but it’ll get the job done. Here’s a help article on this subject.

You are going to LOVE The Sufferfest! Our plans and workouts are second to none! Of course please reach out to the minions if you run into any trouble or have questions.

Welcome, @Bradkerr!
I know it doesn’t seem exactly your case, but I am currently very happy simply using The Suf app running in Win10 and HDMI connecting my laptop to a TV. But my laptop is something 2017-ish.
I use a Wahoo Kickr Core, Wahoo Tickr HR monitor, Wahoo Cadence sensor, and Favero Assioma Duo Pedals (power meter). Everything works perfectly connecting by Bluetooth to my laptop.
I know, depending on the devices, Bluetooth to Win 10 can show some connection problems, but it is not my case. Indeed, I noticed the opposite, with some instability of the connection when I tried a USB dongle for ANT+. Maybe it was the short cable extension that I used, it was only 30-cm long.

I used to use an iPad mini 2 before. The Bluetooth connection of all devices used to work fine too. Sometimes I used to have a few interferences from other Bluetooth devices (I think it was a JBL Charger+ audio device), but nothing serious. In fact, I keep using the same JBL on my laptop now and I have zero interference problems with laptop/Win 10.
I was also able to use my iPhone 8, instead of the iPad mini 2.
However, I must say, I was not very happy casting/mirroring them (iPad or iPhone) to an Apple TV 2 / TV set. Although the mirroring worked, I experienced something like a very low FPS rate or something similar.
For me, it was really annoying to see the cranks turning smooth on the iPad while seeing them with what seemed an insufficient frame rate on the TV. You should verify if the same problem will not happen casting through your Apple 4k TV.

I also tried to connect the iPad using a lightning to HDMI adaptor. Although it was a wired connection, it worked really well at the beginning, but then the adaptor itself stopped working. I can’t complain, that adaptor was not an original Apple device.
Probably you will also see a perfect result if you use proper lighting to HDMI adaptor, you can go with that if you see a low FPS rate with your Apple TV.

If you cast there’s an added latency between the phone and the Apple TV. It’s normally so brief you have to actually look at the devices side by side to see it but occasionally it goes up and you have to undo the cast and recast it. Not often though. I’d still be inclined to use the computer though. It’s quite easy spec wise.

And I’d add to your equipment with atleast 1 fan. I have ended up with 2 big ones. It’s almost as important as anything else. If I had the choice between doing the workout on a phone screen with a fan vs on a big TV without a fan I’d actually choose the phone option.