So it is possible

Well it seems only fitting that on the day the new app is due to hit our shores I should become a member of the 200 Club. Not overly spectacular in itself (just a number) but chuffed to hit it as I continue to recover from shoulder surgery, with the last 6 weeks being almost purely limited to Z2/ 1 rides.

Interval one botched due to phone call disturbing computer then 195, 197, 200, 199, 200!

Screenshot 2021-09-28 112325


You are a hero. I still think you’re all lying to make me feel bad, but slowly getting there. 186 is max @ present.


Now do it with flats!


I was feeling the same until this. If it helps, I really concentrated on a solid core AND made sure I wasn’t aiming for 200 - I told myself nothing under 205 would do!


@#$% IT!!!



Sorry @CPT_A . Perhaps it’s because I was more relaxed about it thinking I could never hit it at the end of 6 weeks of Recovery/ Base workouts. Have you thought about having shoulder surgery, taking some time off to recover and then trying again :rofl: (Not really recommended).

Almost hit another 200 a few days later. Did Half Monty: Max HR = 197 (steady climb to it, not a blip, legs gave up on me first which is usually the case for me), with cTHR up to 182. Up from 188 and 179 (last FF that I barely survived) further rubbishing the 220-age rule. I’m 53.

I hit 172 once and ended up with my saddle pointing down at a 30 degree angle. So I guess I won’t be getting 200 any time soon. At least not until I replace my saddle clamp and seat post. :grimacing:


Fair call!


I finally joined too!!!

Not with a lot of margin and with a very confused look from my wife who happened to witness this workout… but I count it as a win.


What cadence sensor are people using? I’d read that the Wahoo RPM sensor topped out at around 160rpm but hit 181 last night.

I just count in my head as my legs go round :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I routinely run my Wahoo sensor up into the 180’s - 190’s, and it apparently goes over 200rpm (though not for me…yet).


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Sensor built in to my TACX Neo 2T.