Storming the Castle with PW (Streaming Event) #CastleGuide

Welcome to:

When will it all go down:

Two days before my birthday, so I have something real to celebrate. :wink:

Add this event to your: Google Calendar or for Apple and Microsoft.


The event will be split into two parts (because of technical limitations).

Sometimes stuff happens. Streams get cut or technology just stops working. This thread will be updated during the quest if anything else fails.


Already know the way to the castle? Great! Be my guide. Join for a stage or just pop in and say hi.


→ Click Here ← to go to the Google Docs “Guest List” and write your Forum-Name in the Guest-Slot at the end of the sheet. Oh, and please don’t destroy my file in then process, you are the editor. :slight_smile:

If you have trouble, send me a PM.

Didn’t sign up? No problem! Join anyway. It’s not like anything is set in stone here…

You can find the Guest-Links a few lines further up ^^, under “Streaming-Links”. Please be aware that, if you join a stage, you will become part of the stream (publicly).
Please make sure that you read the StreamYard instructions before entering.

You will be in the lobby and I will add you to the stream as soon as my suffering permits a quick break.


I’m having problems being charming or fun to be around with on a good day. Please be advised that I will probably not meet any of your expectations. You rock and I am happy you are supporting this idea - and don’t let me tell you anything else during the ninth hammer or any other moment during this event…

Win! Win! Win!:

Dos Caballos makes excellent bikewear created in Freiburg, Germany.
Check them out:

  • What does that mean for YOU, dear viewer?

DOS CBS will provide the main prize for the raffle accompanying my event.
YOU can win a sized-to-winner bike jersey, bib shorts and socks combo.

  • How can YOU win?

Watch the Rules → Right Here ← or read on, if you like…
Each $10 donation for the DPF through my donation page will earn you one chance in the prize pool. (If you helped me raise $10, you have one chance. If you donated $20, you get 2 chances etc…)

Starting now! Until the 17th of May.

On the 17th of May, two days after the event, I will pick a winner at random.
(Please make sure I have a way to contact you. Either by DPF entered email, forum or Facebook).


When in doubt, go with a classic: DAVIS PHINNEY FOUNDATION


To Do:

  • Find awesome community members who would like to pop in for a guest stage.
  • Relax, take a nice easy taper week.
  • Put my money where my mouth is.

Playlist and Timetable:

Including 8 minutes of rest between videos.


Wow!! You should get bonus floggings for all the extra tech and stuff you’re incorporating. Seriously. I completely shut out the external world during my quest. It was all I could do to snap a pic, post it to FB, and get back to suffering. I never once looked at FB during the quest and my phone was in Do Not Disturb mode.

If the times work and if it’s not too far off my plan, I will see if I can ride along for a bit to mock and jeer…ermmmm…support and cheer you on!

@Pierre …just a suggestion: change your post topic to “Storming the Castle with Pierre: The Stream” I think you may attract more hits on the post as there are lots of folks who will recognize your name from the ToS and the great work you did there.


The only fear I have at the moment is concentrating too much on antics instead of effort.
My goal is to automate most of the process in order to have a free mind during my attempt.

What can I say: I noticed during the ToS preparation that I absolutely love all the stuff around the actual bike riding and training. For me it’s more about the community, learning and creating than the actual numbers. If I get fitter in the process - double win. :wink:

My biggest regret from ToS: Involve the community more.
I am in awe of @anon93050083 for this amazing contributions to Sufferlandria. It’s very inspiring.

For my knighthood quest I want to achieve exactly this. Involve all of you.
Who wants to see a random dude ride his bike for 13 hours: Nobody.
Maybe I can throw in a few surprises to entertain - just a little. I discovered there are plenty of options available (Insert videos, guests, maybe a give away, etc.).

At the end it’s all for a good cause. TBA.

And if I end up doing a stream only for me and my wife as a viewer - that’s perfectly fine, I have no ambitions or demands to the outside world.
Big ideas, little time (yeah, there is normal life too).


Sir Joe is Legend. No doubt. That said, it’s a big castle and there’s plenty o’ room for more.

Don’t worry, the pain will come :slight_smile: …seriously though, the pain WILL come. Knighthood is a fun time

evil laugh


This quest is getting more awesome all the time.

@Pierre Have you figured out what cause you’ll be raising money for? With all this effort you should be able to really raise a good bit for a worthy cause. And at least for my own KOS, I’m more proud of getting out of my own introverted shell and raising money than I am of my bike effort (tho that was pretty good, too).

Now I’m trying to figure out what costume I’m going to wear for my cameo. :crazy_face:


@Pierre another great initiative :+1:
I will join you on FB during your attempt storming the castle… and if you need a companion during 1 or more stages you can count on me. Since we are almost neighbours that can be arranged easily


Yep happy to do a guest stage ride with you subject to time zones and life, haha. Small kids, love them but makes life complicated.


Love it. Thank you all. We’ll make it work.

I’ll edit the first post with more and more information as it’s taking shape.
Today: A Banner - just because I wanted to mash something together.
(three hours well spend :wink: )


Count me in. I’m in Belgium, so time wise not an issue I figure :slight_smile:


Re-mentioning here (also so I can track the thread) that I’d love to join in as a guest rider. :slight_smile:

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“13 hours”… :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

I am NOT ready.

Best of luck, though! Will be following along!

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Well strictly your (current) list only has you riding for a bit under 12 hours once you discount the non-riding time but who’s counting? :smiling_imp:

Smiling imp emoji does not mean make it longer, a 13 hour quest is long enough even for the old school!

New toy spoiler…


Thanks for keeping me in check. Seriously. :slight_smile: I was putting riding and collapsing in a heap of pain next to my bike for 8:00 minutes all under the „riding my bike“ umbrella.

I have no intention to extend the time. More simply won’t be possible for me, I‘m sure.
The list as it is right now is already the biggest challenge I can - hopefully - stomach.
It‘s possible small changes will be introduced after a 5 video test run at the end of April (according to KoS prep plan).

This little tool of yours intrigues me. :slight_smile:

@frenata: I won‘t forget any of you and there will be a fair bit of spontaneous riding possible. More at a later time.

For now I‘m just moving a few pixels in photoshop and writing a teaser script for filming… biding my time.

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Pierre count me in as well. What ever stage you’ll need support, let me know. :+1:

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This sounds great. I’ll look forward to joining you for part of it.

You’ve picked a tough route to the castle, with three of the longest videos in there! Chapeau!!

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“There is no castle in the world where fear is not the reason it was built”

What a gauntlet (sorry) of rides, will be happy to join a ride. Great setup!


Oooh, I like that so many of you are interested.

By the way: One of a kind, shiny, digital Castle-Guide batch added on top post. :wink:

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@Pierre Across the pond, but I’m good for joining up for a later stage!

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Would love to join in for a ride or two. Or maybe 3 :smirk:. Quite a lineup that you have there = Chapeau!!

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Hey monsieur, you are storming the castle on my birthday! (which I don’t celebrate for reasons I’ll withhold, but, I still like to kick off official years of life in style) It will be my 37th, ouch.
I guarantee I"m free that day . If you would like a fellow sufferer to drop in for one or two of your stages, let me know and I will be certain to make it happen, from the depths of my scary pain/life cave (no difference in my home). If you have a full dance card already that’s fantastic, there is a charity to support and that would be easier :smiley: But I could do both if you would like the support.

(P.S. While I think you and all the other already-knights are crazy., you are definitely crazier for attempting this kind of technological wizardry in combination with the ten hours+ of Sufferfest/KoS - Which is why this caught my eye and I’m even more up for supporting you in this. Also, is it rude to say you’re triple crazy for putting Cobbler+ISLAGIATT+Blender all in the same list? When I’ve never done Blender yet? Nevermind a KOS attempt? I mean triple crazy in the best way possible, if that makes it better. I love that you hope to have the tech bit automated, while I don’t fully get how that works.)

Let me know if you want another live feed of another suffering Sufferlandrian suffering whilst willing and cheering you on, I’ll get it sorted. If not, no worries, I will keep watching this thread with nail-spiked popcorn, and bottles of Realpayne and holy water in each hand! (This one time, I ate a bowl of popcorn spiked with pincer-equipped bugs, but that’s a story for next time…)

Best wishes on your quest from Manitoba Canada! You have definitely got this, Pierre, with or without anyone on the internet alongside you in real time on your quest. As long as you remember that, I am 5000% you’ll capture the castle.