Suffering and relativity

Does anybody else find suffering relative. I’m at the end of a rest week and did elements of style today. It was surprisingly difficult. I’m thinking there must be some Einstein relativity factor going on. Maybe S = GvA squared??


I think EOS is often mistaken as an easy ride. It’s not. I mean, it’s not nine hammers obviously but it’s not an easy spin in the park either.


Agreed it has a .76 IF and there are a few sustained sections towards the end.

Also, you @timbo are not the same rider every day so sometimes you just react differently to a workout or need more warmup. Other life stressors can interfere.

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Hey Sir, are the IF figures calculated differently for each rider? Mine shows .78.

Edit: I realize that the IF after the workout will be different pending your individual NP but I thought the “planned” IF shown in the thumbnails were the same for everyone.


I shared the same thoughts, that we all have the same IF value for the same workouts.

EOS for me at my current 4DP numbers is 0.77. Looking at past histories, there has been completed rides with IF ranging from 0.70 onwards to 0.78.

For my sins, I get to do my eighth FF tomorrow. :man_dancing:

Likely my numbers will change in one way or another, and will report back from todays EOS IF number. FWIW, FF has IF as 0.9 for me.

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Yes - I thought the same but looking at the formula it does take into account your own numbers and will vary based on how those numbers change.



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Lol. #relatable.

This changed wit the release of the (now not so) new Systm app. Previously in Sufferfest the IF was bbased on a typical rider’s profile, and so everyone had the same planned IF. Systm uses your specific profile and so your IF (planned as well as realsied) will bbe different to mine.

All as I remember it anyway.

Now, let’s not get into the applicability of IF…


Recap from yesterday: Post todays FF, EOS is now at IF 0.76 :person_shrugging:t3:, down from 0.77 yesterday.

FTP went up 3%, MAP down 2%, AC up 12% and NM up 1.5%.

No idea why IF would go down. Stayed 0.9 for FF though.


I’m guessing it’s cuz your map went down and the two map efforts at the end is where the bulk of the intensity on this vid comes from.

Edit: that and your improvement in other areas will make EOS easier for you.

Edit 2: as I think about this more, a lowered planned IF means your fitness is improving no?

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Speaking of (no longer) new release, whatever happened to the workout categories: climbing, racing, mixed, etc? Now on workout page i just see “cycling”, though you can still search and filter by category, but can’t see it?

That was useful to me…

They’re still there

Right, but if you look at the video pages themselves, like from your calendar or front page, category isn’t listed anymore.


Ah, fair point

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Your turn to do FF and see what IF you get for EOS, yes? Your indoor season starts now. Good to start it on fresh numbers.

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You forgot to add: mwahahaha

Also, no.


Just to revive this older thread… Should we be sticking to the I.F listed and/or are we giving ourselves unnecessary stress if we go over that figure therefore negating the purpose of the workout. For example: I have “Revolver is easy (mash up)” coming up tomorrow which TBH looks horrendous! Not having done it before I went back through my workouts to see how I got on with the normal Revolver. Looking at my post workout I.F on my last session compared to the pre I.F it was 95/88. I must have done this in level mode as my actual power compared to the targets were way up above the interval targets and ERG mode would have kept that in check. So, should we push beyond the target in the interval (not in the rest) if we can or let ERG keep us within the limits of the workout. My pre workout I.F for the “mash up” is 0.90

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Yup. :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

My initial response was “why would you push beyond?”, but I recall guidance from the coaches that if you’re feeling good legs on a workout, you can absolutely dial it up. I suppose it depends on where you are in your training. If you’re late in a plan, and finding your legs consistently good enough that you’re wanting to dial up intensity, maybe you need to test out to see if your body has adapted beyond your current training level, in which case you’re entering a cycle of diminishing returns.

But if you’re early in, and just feeling strong on a given day, no reason you can’t dial up intensity occasionally - I usually let my HR decide for me. If I feel like I can generate more power, and my HR is in zone or below, sure. But if you’re dialing up power causes your HR to jump zones, you’re setting yourself up for a blowout.

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ToS 2017, Stage 8: Revolver + Revolver is Easy + Half is Easy lol!!! Fun times. Fuuuuun tiiiimes.

As to your question

, keep in mind I am NOT a coach, sport scientist or even a skilled amateur. I’m just a Sufferlandrian who spends too much time in the forums :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, I’d say, if your trainer can handle the fast changes of the HIE part (my Kickr '18 could the last time I did this (over 3 years ago :face_vomiting: :nauseated_face:) ) then leave it in ERG at least for the Revolver bits. The answer does depend too on what your goals are. If this is part of a plan, I think I would stick to the targets as close as possible whether in ERG or Level mode. If it isn’t part of a plan and you just want to smash yourself for fun, then #goallin

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to IF personally, except to get a sense of what you might be up against which in this case is just 45 minutes of chuckles and questioning your life choices :slight_smile:

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