SYSTM Content Cycling Survey

Hello Team Wahoo!

We’re trying to gauge people’s interest for content in the cycling channels (Inspiration, On Location, The Sufferfest, ProRides*) going forward and are looking for volunteers to take part in a survey.

Would you be kind enough to take a look at this survey (just 9 questions) and give us your answers (est. time 5 minutes max)?

to take part please go to Wahoo SYSTM Cycling Content Survey

NB: this voluntary ignore the “A Week With” series due to the very specific nature of their production



I noticed that there was nothing regarding the A Week With series…



It even states that there are no questions related to the “A Week With” series in the original post …

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Oops! Hadn’t noticed that. Thanks!

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There are 10 questions.

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Once a Minion, always a Minion. :wink:


It is not in the survey, and you are not asking the question, but the one addition / change that would make me use System more is allowing it to work on Apple TV.


I know it’s a much requested functionality. Having said that all dev aspects are out of the content team’s control which is why this survey only focuses on aspects of content production not technological delivery.


thank you for the reply. I realise these are different. however, it is very frustrating to have two platforms, system and rgt, that use different hardware. (I cannot get RGT to work on my laptop).

I note that the survey did not ask about S&C (Wahoo calls it S&M, but lets not go there) and yoga etc. Again, I am sure that this is divisional. However, the S&C and Yoga are how I got started with The SufferFest. The survey was narrow in its questioning and only focused on Cycling. The S&C part of System is incredibly useful for improvement of performance, avoidance of injury and rehab. Wahoo does not make enough of this. It is a huge selling point.


Survey answered.

I generally like the inspiration videos. I like the range of adventure cycling, seeing inside the pro teams, and then the odd videos on downhill or skate parks. However…

…can someone explain to me the rationale behind including “The Road Less Cycled”?

The Road Less Cycled (2020) - IMDb

I find it hard to rank the 4 types of workouts because I like them for different reasons.

I like that you ask for preference but also for quantity.

you can rank them and you can rate them.
For rank, think: if one was to disappear, which one would I’d be OK to disappear last, etc…
For rating, think: if I like all of them I can give them 5*


I have completed the survey which was an easy task as I think Wahoo Systm is awesome. I may have missed it but I just wonder if you could persuade your colleagues over at Wahoo RGT to create a similar survey allowing subscribers to provide feedback about that side of the Wahoo X platform.

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I want more of everything! Just not too much of everything. Just good quality everything. :smiley:


Thanks for this, I love the platform, specially suff videos. I think music is most engaging thing in a workout indoors, I really miss some music on location and pro rides… :frowning:


One consideration for me is how often I’m willing see the same vid. I like the Inspiration vids, but after seeing one, I’m not usually interested in seeing it again. On Location and A Week With are somewhat better in this respect. I find Pro Rides and Sufferfest the least objectionable to repeat.

IMO, there should be no No-Vid workouts. As it is, any workout can be No-Vid by turning off the vid in settings. The vids for current No-Vids wouldn’t have to fancy, just some reasonable POVs. MTB XC is what I’ll often stream for the purpose, but cuing it up getting the mini-player up and organized, and everything running can be somewhat of a chore.


@Saddlesaur I do a lot of NoVids and there are some really good workouts in the collection. For me it is easy enough to add video or music or export to RGT but I understand what you are saying. I think the reason there are not corresponding videos for everything is that it takes a lot of work to put them together and they want to have a good variety of workouts for the plans to use indoors or outdoors.


In my first couple years at SUF I did very few No-vids. But in the past year and a half I’ve done an ever-increasing number of them. Especially the 2+ hour long ones. They’re definitely not for everyone, but they fulfill a very important niche that shouldn’t be poo-poo’d or overlooked.


@emacdoug Agreed - just did FTP/MAP Builds: 8 x 3 on Monday. It is a spicy one and paired well with the portion of the Paris Roubaix race that I didn’t have a chance to watch. Following Ian Boswell on Strava I notice he was doing that one fairly frequently before the Cape Epic.

I am also a big fan of the FTP Progression series and look forward to checking out the MAP and AC progressions.