SYSTM Shift Indoors Event

I noticed that a badge appears on the Progress tab of SYSTM indicating Shift Indoors and in smaller print: 5hrs: Nov 8 - Nov 22 event.

So is this a scheduled event? Haven’t seen anything in the forum about it.

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@brumohr Yes - there is a promotion on Strava. You need to complete 5 hours of activity on SYSTM to get the badge.

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Thanks. Will look for it.

For me it looks like the event has not yet started and I have already received the badge. Something’s not working right here…


Yep, it’s a new challenge we’re just about to launch. Email coming out shortly and we’ll have a post up here as well.


For me the badge was there and greyed out, then I joined the challenge on Strava at which point the badge lit up despite me not having done any activities within the time frame.

I was hoping for say one months free SYSTM on completion of the challenge but I appreciate that since almost all of the existing user base is likely to do it that would be virtually an entire months income stream wiped out - an expensive way of getting new subscribers! Fingers crossed that I come up trumps in the raffle! :grinning: :grinning:


It’s gone back to being greyed out again! That’s good. :grinning: :grinning:

Hopefully it will light up again once I’ve finished my week with Sir Neal.


Mine did the same thing. I noticed it was lit this morning. But just checked again and it’s now back to grey. Well, okay! lol. Moving along. Nothing to see here…


Is it enough to do the workouts on SYSTM or do I need to upload them on Strava? I usually upload only my Garmin fit files.

I completed mine on Strava, yesterday, but the Rewards link took me to the completed Wahoo Rival challenge and said I couldn’t sign up because the winners had already been selected and notified.

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Strava goofed up there – they used an old challenge link – we’ve already asked them to fix it. You’ll be getting an email from them soon with the correct link.


I completed the challenge this morning and received a Zwift email acknowledging completion, however, the SYSTM badge on the Progress page is still greyed out.


I still haven’t received a new e-mail from Strava, yet. Hopefully before the end of next week. :slight_smile:

I don’t ‘think’ you need a new email - I think they fixed it under the covers

And if you open the Strava app directly you’ll also get a completion notification there (same as all Strava notifications) and that should click through fine.

(Just in case that helps)


Just tried it and yep it works! :+1:

And thanks to Covid, I’m looking more and more like this guy on the subscription advert page. :man_facepalming:
(but with hairier legs and a bit more heft around the middle)



Well, that is about as “almost” as one can get…


I’m surprised you didn’t ride the extra minute— maybe the One Minute Open :wink: