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For all registered members of Team ALT TOUR

We’re kickin’ it off a day early, so use the 50 hour window on the 26th of February to MOVE something (anything!) for one minute and three seconds and qualify for the prize drawing. Post a write up or wrap up or video snippet presenting what you onto the Facebook thread, and after the Stage window closes, I’ll run the drawing and select the winner.

(I suppose, if your going to hold a stretch or a yoga pose, or a plank, you’re not actually “moving” something, but you’ll still qualify)

Remember, Everybody Hurts, but Team Alt Tour has fun while doing it!


@anon93050083 does this have to be done over on Facebook or can we also do it on this forum?


I am Facebook driven, but will try to cover both fields. One of the problems is keeping track of who is who because of “name” changes between platforms. We’ll see how it goes…


So, I’ve signed up for the tour, how do I join a team?

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Welcome to the ToS @A_Thimot!
We would be happy to have you. If you want to join Team ALT TOUR you can do it here.
You can search for all teams here.
On the DPF Site are also some banners with rolling Team names from the Top Teams etc.



By now, you should have all received a welcome eMail from the Team captain, Kis. The gist of this is… Welcome!

Oh, and due to the split nature of this year’s Tour, I will be trying to run the Daily Contests on both Facebook and the Forum. To assist, please look for these types of Announcements on this thread, and search #alttour on the Facebook site. You should also tag things with #alttour. This will not only be confusing, but will add to the FUN (suffering).

So, the Prologue is underway.

Enjoy the ride (or the stretching, or the yoga, or the strength training, or the physical therapy, or whatever your chosen path might be), and we’ll see you on the road!

Remember, we’re alt in this together…


It does not appear that I can post videos here on the Forum, so if you want to see a bit of prologue action, you’ll need to hop over to the Facebook site.


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For all registered members of Team ALT TOUR #alttour

With the start of Stage 1 fast approaching, we wanted to remind everyone that there are plenty of hours left in a Sufferlandrian Day (frikkin’ Minions and their faulty time pieces). So, let us know about your one minute and three second Prologue event to be entered in the raffle for that sweet wine glass!

Speaking of which, another fine piece of glassware is on offer for the Stage 1 Contest. Since this is the “Pro Ride” Stage, we are asking each Team Member to regale us with a story in which you interacted with a member of the Pro Peloton… Actually, just any Pro, from any sport, any time… Real or made up, it doesn’t matter… We just want to be entertained while we sit at the bar in the Nine Taverns and recover from those unrelenting dance lessons GVA served up in the Prologue.

So that’s it, Team, keep moving forward. Dig Deep and gather up those donations like they were chunks of Courage.

Remember, Everybody Hurts, but Team Alt Tour has fun doing it!



Prologue in the bag Sir @anon93050083 . 1m3s of bicycle crunches. Why, because they hurt, I hate them & because they’ve bicycle in the name, so there must be something good about them I don’t know about :grinning: #alttour


Let’s do this Team #alttour :muscle:t2:

Rider reporting for stage 1 domestique duties


Stage 1 done :white_check_mark: It may not have been pretty, it may have been dialled down, but I made it to the start line & it’s in the bag now, that’s all matters.

@anon93050083 tour plan is to make the most of the 50 hour window & try to ride as many as I can, with whatever it takes to get them done and do yoga on the days I can’t. Who knows I might even make it all the way to the end! :upside_down_face: #alttour


Awesome, Sir!
If you made it through Stage 1, you have nothing to fear!
Until Stage 7…


After a untimely family visit from covid Team #alttour came to the rescue of my ToS for Motivation!
Since then I have finally completed my yoga “All Flexibility” Badge and am kicking it off today on day 10 from covid!

Moving Time 1:03

Moving Time 31 Minutes, longer than I expected :sweat: :

Garage to Attic wth my trusty KICKR Box for fun with SYSTM in the middle:

Moving Time 2:00 finally doing Full Body 1 again :weight_lifting_woman:


Started the tour a day early, does it count toward my 1:03 of movement?

Also, to keep from incurring GvA’s wrath, whenever the ‘freewheeling’ cue popped up I flogged myself with a heavy chain to keep the pain flowing #tos #alttour


Almost forgot that one, glad I reread the Thread to share my Story.
Here is a former pro holding more or less the first roadbike I bought:

He was really nice and helpful.
I even stole a KOM from him on the bike but don’t know how casually he was riding on the segment in comparison to me :crazy_face:
edit: #alttour #altstage1


Stage 2 :white_check_mark:

Not gonna lie, even after a dialled down stage 1 that hurt, damn you GvA! Soundtrack was pretty apt tho - One Million Pieces, pretty much my legs right now :joy:

Stage 3 will be fun! :wink:



It paid a visit to our house for the second time early Feb & I didn’t think I’d even make the start line. Got hit pretty hard first time round & still feeling some of the after effects nearly 2 years later, but after a rubbish couple of weeks definitely seem to have bounced back much faster this time around :+1:t2:

Stay strong Thomas, let the healing run it’s course & hopefully you’ll be back in the saddle soon :muscle:t2:


Raffle Results for the Prologue Contest are posted in Facebook. :slight_smile:

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Just saw the video @anon93050083, congratulations on successfully completing the Challenge and achieving the dancers pose :ballet_shoes:!
You even defied the instructor at 3:23 on using a mat.
That probably was a couchlandrian trick in trying to ease your suffering.
Way to go :+1: