Team Scream Fun

hey all

Finished Team Scream today and it was a blast… I think I need to re-do the 4DP (Half or Full Frontal) as I wasn’t completed spent but certainly felt it (was running at 105%). I honestly don’t know about the training benefit but I enjoyed the 70 minutes of team trialing away.

If you need a fun workout (there are sooo many to choose from), think about the Team Scream one.



Good to hear that you enjoyed it, sounds like Sufferfest is the right place for you! Along with many other Sufferlandrians Team Scream is my favourite workout. See these threads:


To quote Sir David,:


It’s my favorite too. The best hour to shake of a bad day, or just have fun.


Team Scream is a great workout. So immersive!


Did it today for the first time and totally agree. I used to live in that area (Stavanger). Riding it whilst pretending to be a pro cyclists with a helicopter hovering over Hafrsfjord, that’s just awesome.
Re the intensity: my FF was three weeks ago, so the training intensity should be pretty much as intended. It doesn’t break you, but gives a massive sense of satisfaction having completed that.


I did it today and it was absolutely brutal. This is the first SUF workout that I don’t manage to finish at 100%. I’ve completed 9 hammers, AVDP,… and nothing has come close to this.

I did 9 hammers last Friday with FTP 333 and MAP 409 W. Since I completed it, I did a half monty on Saturday and may new numbers were FTP 348 and MAP 428 W. Team scream today was the first long workout that I tried with the new numbers (I did cash register yesterday but that’s only 30 min).

My rider profile is time trialist so I though this was going to be manageable… after about 20 min (not counting the warm up), I realized that my heart rate wasn’t going down in the below-threshold sections. I felt they were too short for me and I needed more rest after going above threshold. At 30 min, I had to pause the video. I tried to finish at 100% but after 5 more minutes it became very evident it wasn’t going to happen. I ended up dialing down to 97% (close to my old numbers) and it was still a struggle. My heart rate was always higher than the target by about 10 bpm.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very fun workout. It would have been unbearable as a no-vid workout and I hope I finish it at 100% someday.

A good dose of humility after getting really excited about my new FTP and MAP numbers.