Tempo building block: 2 workouts on the same day

Hi guys.

In High Volume Tempo building block there are few days with 2 workouts. I’d like to know how they should be performed: 2 in row or one in the morning and another in the evening. I have some thoughts but I’m not sure if I’m correct:

  • De Stig (1:34) + Fairless(0:44). Both of them are 2nd zone workouts so I suppose the can be performed together.
  • French Pyrenees: Lac de Cap de Long (1:26) + Open 40 (0:40). The 1st one starts as a 2nd zone workout and then changes to a Tempo workout with a couple of MAP intervals in the end. Another one is 2nd zone workout. I think they should be performed separately in order to use a correct energy system in the 2nd one: I’ve read/heard something that after actively using carbs as the main energy source it takes several hours to get back to using fat as energy source in 2nd zone workouts.
  • GOAT (0:42) + De Stig (1:34). I’m not sure how to describe the 1st one: it consists of threashold intervals but they are quite short (anyway, it is not 2nd zone workout). The 2nd one is a 2nd zone workout. So, I suppose they should be performed separately.

Any thoughts?

In light of recent discussions regarding Zone 2 I would do any workout that is a bit more spicy AFTER a Zone2 workout if you have two sessions on the same day


@arokhin GOAT is a low cadence workout - sort of like doing 1 legged squats and it also disciplines your core. Personally I would do the workouts in the order you have written them.

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Usually, there are coach notes that will tell you. Sometimes the additional ride is just extra volume for the initial workout.

See image here for when there’s notes:

Clicking on the notes for Open 30, it says to ride AFTER the former GCN ride


Clicking on the notes for Open 30, it says to ride AFTER the former GCN ride

There are no such comments in my case.

and no little notes icon either?

No icon.
I saw those comments/icons in other plans some time ago. But I can’t find them in this plan.

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Thanks for the pic (always worth a 1001 words, inflation :wink: ).

These are good questions and I think wahoo needs to step up their plan notes game here. I’d say it depends on the intent of the pairing.

In the case of the Lac de Cap de Long followed by the Open 40, the intent may be simply to add extra volume (since you are on a high volume plan) so were it me, I would definitely try to ride them back-to-back. As for order though, that might be up for debate. As @ozmadman noted, and as you’ve read yourself, it might take a few hours to get the fat utilization back after a higher intensity ride that utilizes glucose more so you could do the Open 40 first, then the Lac ride. For GOAT and De Stig, I’d start with De Stig then GOAT but again, look at doing them back-to-back rather than separately.

From my recollection, the general advice from the coaches has always been whenever there is more than one ride, to do them back-to-back unless time constraints don’t allow for it.

Edit: I’m sure I’ll be corrected by someone who knows more than me if my order suggestions are wrong.


This has come up a few times in the past and as I recall it was said to do them one after the other in the order shown in the calendar. A short break between them was OK. Hopefully a coach weighs in on this.

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The order to do them might even depend on your goals and where you are in your season.

If you are focussed on short events you might want to do the intensity first for maximum quality.
If you are focussed on long events you might want to do the intensity at the end to more closely match your event.
It’s one thing doing Xminutes of FTP work when fresh, it’s quite another being able to do them after an hour of solid z2 work

FWIW my own personal way to handle this situation:
If efforts are above FTP, do the intensity first and then take a break for a meal and do the z2 later.
If efforts are at or below FTP do it all in one session with the z2 work first.