Text vanishing

Anyone having an issue with the usual text not appearing in downloaded videos…? Not a massive issue, not least as I have most of it burnt on my brain anyway, but odd nonetheless.

Did you perhaps accidentally turn off the in-video text in settings?

Well I had thought so but no, it has always been on as far as I am aware…tried toggling it and no change.

Have tried the classic turn it off and on again, no change there either. Will see if logging out helps.

This is an odd one… which workout is this happening? If you try streaming a workout do things work as expected?

Yeah it took me a while to notice actually and I couldn’t place why. First one was Fight Club I think last Sunday, and I assumed it was some kind of odd download error when I found storyline was still set to on. Then all 4 of the ones I stupidly did last Saturday were the same. It didn’t matter especially I just wondered if it was a known thing.

Just looked at new downloads post-logout-login technical wizardry and I see no narrative on Power Station or Downward Spiral but I see the initial ticker text on The Wretched, which I assume is integral to the video. All a bit weird, no changes to my setup from last month.

Can’t rule out personal ineptitude obviously…

Hey @andy17, I asked our support team about this. Can you please submit a ticket to them so that they can dig in a bit more?

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Yep no worries will do

I have issues with text disappearing in front of light sky .A bit of care is needed sometimes to ensure there is a good contrast between text and background

Well to be honest sometimes the tears cloud my vision :cry:

This was what I assume to be the whole text overlay not appearing at all throughout each downloaded video. A cursory check after following Dame Ellisa’s advice suggests it is fixed (after a reinstall if the app, a rather more hard core version of turning it off and on again)