The eve of the Big Ride - which workout?

I’ve a big ride tomorrow. I’m fatigued. Been burning the Sufferlandrian candle every day this year. Normally I’d stick on Recharger but I think twice in a week is the maximum for that one.

So what are you all doing ahead of a big ride? I find Primers too much. Igniter the same.

I want something like Recharger I guess but not Recharger due to over use. I practically know all of the lyrics these days.

By the way - in Recharger - who is the Scott rider that Julian Alaphilippe is having such a terrific chat with? I’ve been wondering for ages - in the same video it looks like he is wearing a South African national champ jersey but I could be wrong that it’s the same rider.

Many thanks

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Other than the no-vids, I like the GCN Ready, Steady, Go. What about just the 15 or 30min open w. some tune-out music?

Or heck, if you’re burned out, how about…take a nap?



You also have the option of three Warm-Up no-vid sessions, assuming you can watch something else at the same time…


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Primers. Always Primers.

Edit: I just saw you find it a bit much. I’d just dial it down a notch then.


Putting my detective skills to work, Michilton-Scott rode the TdF 2018-2020 before turning into Bike Exchange. Alphilippe wore yellow jersey at various points 2019-2021. So 2019/2020 Scott teams. That’s the 2019 bike graphics, bottles, and kit. Daryl Impey was the RSA national champ that year, and wore that white jersey the entire tour.

And the winner is…ADAM YATES. Who (in)famously - and none-too-happily - took the jersey from Alaphillipe after Stage 5 when JA got hit with a 20sec time penalty for taking up a bottle from the roadside inside the final 20km. (Honestly, why would you have a seigneur positioned inside the last 20km with bottles and food if you’re the team?)

EDIT: (or, as pointed out by @anon93050083 , it’s Jack Haig, because at one point THAT I MISSED you can see his @#$% number on his bike!). :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:


Excellent sleuthing… however, in the 2019 TdF Adam Yates wore number 101. The rider in this footage wore number 103. Therefore, I am going with Jack Haig.


Aww @#$% @SirJoe…I looked and looked for the # and never saw it! :roll_eyes:

Yup. I missed that one bad. HT to you, Sir.



I’ve been wondering on each of the many Rechargers I’ve done, who this rider is and what on earth they were talking about! Must have done Recharger at least once a week since it first came out. That’s a lot of pondering!


I’ll give that a go. Thanks. Not done it before.

I always end up pushing too hard in the Opens. No self control…

Is that the right name for the number? And is that the same person who wears a South African nation champ jersey later in the same vid or do they just look the same??

Easier to spot as they moved off camera… And I agree, If one is feeling fatigued, take a day off. Only spin so much as to check your bike set up for the race tomorrow, especially if you’ve just taken it off the trainer.


Good idea. No wonder you’re a Knight


Well I know I got that part right: Daryl Impey was the RSA national champ that year, and wore his white national champ jersey at the TdF.


Always! And either a recovery ride or day off the day before Primers.

Lol. I just love the workout and always find it gets my head in the game the day before a big event.

Edit: took a quick peak and I’ve done primers a solid couple dozen times.

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Thank you Sir Joe. Great work.

And on the break - I’m trying to do a ride every day of the year (even if I’m fatigued and it’s a short one). Hence the multiple visits a week to Recharger!

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beware of burn out, but I get it. SAGs, lol! A local riding friend, well into his 70s and a total badas$!! Has ridden over 400 days consecutively and the vast majority of it outdoors (which where I live is seriously impressive).

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Thank you Sir Glenn. That is more than badass. How on earth does he keep his hands and feet warm???

What’s SAGs by the way??

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On days like today electric mitts and boots.

SAG = Stooopid Arbitrary Goals. lol!! There was a post about this somewhere not too long ago. It’s pretty much what I do to keep myself motivated cuz well…