The Wahooligan Tour 2024

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Thanks, where is that?


No I wouldn’t care. It would be bloody daft and not make much sense but whatever.

Why. What do YOU think that means? Perhaps you misunderstand that?

EDIT: Some context as to “just a word”:

It’s just a word, which has NOWHERE NEAR the kind of weight you people are suggesting it has.

Click on the user, then on their icon, then there’s a drop-down with “normal” as default. You can choose to mute or ignore for a certain time period. The time period thing is a bit weird but if you type in “this month” for example, seems to work.


With all due respect, saying something doesn’t have the weight someone may be assigning it is an opinion. The people who are offended have a differing opinion. I have the capacity to understand and respect differing opinions.

Here in the US the term does not seem to hold the same negative connotation as it does in other parts of the world. But I would never be so arrogant as to say that the opinion of those offended are wrong.

My position is this. This company has taken many steps to remove things that people find offensive. They removed the original Sufferfest flag. They have changed the text in multiple videos to remove language that users deemed offensive. This seems like an odd hill to die on. This name has garnered far more negative feedback than many other things they have chosen to modify.

I think Wahoo needs to pick a position and stick with it. If suggestions to correct some things that their user base finds offensive are changed, even if the criticism isn’t unanimous, then change this. If they are only going to change things their decision makers agree with and ignore anything else, then be open and honest and say they don’t care about their users opinions and end the debate.

I think Wahoo should clearly state their position here. This discussion has been going on long enough for them to do so. Then they can deal with the consequences, whatever they decide to do.


Absolutely. If Wahoo embraces a “KOM” concept, (KOMS don’t come from being wishy-washy) then take your stand; don’t back away from it. From my experience, the BEST “buck-stops-here” message will come from the CEO. Once the message is clearly communicated, everyone will be able to make informed decisions moving forward.


That is one of the biggest reason’s I miss the Ex Chief Flogging Officer Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS. He was always here in the forums and was ready to lay it all out there and take full ownership of all decisions made.


The fact that promotion of The Tour has kicked off and very quickly THIS is what all the discussion is centered on is NOT a good look for Wahoo. And it wasn’t like they haven’t seen it coming as it was already a huge talking point for the last tour which was the first with this name. It is honestly embarrassing to try to fundraise for the tour with this name. I did it this year, but I don’t know how I can do it in 2024. At minimum this is massively dropping the support and possible fundraising. I am very disappointed that Wahoo is still insisting on keeping the name and forcing Sir Rupert to take the brunt. Very disappointing.



All. The. Hearts.


anyone still not sure about a proper definition of the term hoo****n just check with the OED (“Oxford English Dictionary”) which officially keeps track of the historical development of the English language


Just a reminder to keep things civil guys!


Chipping in as a Dutch native: I’m too embarrassed to use the term wahooligan on my socials. It’s not inherently fun and can be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted to refer to actual hooliganism by my uninformed (not familiar with wahoo) family members who make up the bulk of the donations.


Agree, I said the same thing - almost word for word!


When I did the God-forbid-named Tour this year, I insisted on using the Tour of Sufferlandria instead of that God-forbid name.

I was just doing my year in review last night and again, I kept to the Tour of Sufferlandria and not the other name.
In my own personal opinion, Tour of Sufferlandria makes more sense because we are suffering for those who are suffering from Parkinson’s. As for Wahooligan Tour, I just can’t see how I can associate the suffering those people are going through having that disease with that word Wahooligan.


With respect, they are not associated so you shouldn’t look for associations, just like people who raise money for cancer research by running the Swansea Bay 10K find no association with that illness.

N.B. This is not an endorsement of any name of any fundraising activity.

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Yup understand what you meant, but for the lack of a better term, I used the word “associated” kind of loosely, so I really didn’t mean to offend or cause disharmony in this thread as most of us here disapprove the use of that H-word.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

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No apologies necessary nor was I offended in the slightest, just making a comment about associating words with others.

Sometimes there are no lines to read between.

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I agree… i.e. don’t be a hooligan? :wink:


But it’s OK to be a Wahooligan :crazy_face:


Awesome! I’m in! 4th year