Toggle to show %FTP instead of W

I use SYSTM to coach a group, I display the session on a projector for them and they follow along. Since everyone is on a different FTP, I set the 4DP values to defaults based on 100W so the values displayed appear as a %.
It’s not ideal as the 4DP values will be different for each individual but it’s been good to use as the content is great.
A simple add for a toggle of % Power would be really useful in this use case and possibly a nice-to-have for other

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@bjarkirunars Using the product that way likely runs counter to the terms of service. I think all users are supposed to have their own accounts.

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The idea is to be able to display it for them to train alongside off a bigger screen and with the company of others, all doing same training. All could have their own account for Wahoo X still, but would be using the company.
This way I’d be able to train using my own numbers, and they would follow along but could use their numbers on their device.

It’s an interesting use case and may require something like a coach account/mode

But yes, if users don’t have their own account, it likely runs counter to tos “Accounts for the Services are for a single user”

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I’m not looking to support breaking terms of service as wahoo obviously needs all the money it can get atm (two rounds of layoffs and killer prices on existing inventory) so, if everyone did have their own account, you could just display RPE like in the before times. That way everyone is working to the targets.

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Ignoring the elephant in the room wrt terms of use, I have requested this feature for close on two years now, being able to not only display power as a %, but also HR.

But gah!

I am hoping when @David.McQuillen.KoS launches the new workout player that a toggle button for this option has been included.

Let’s hope under the current financial strain, Wahoo survives in its present state. I would take no % toggle button over a failed Wahoo TBH.