ToS prep after illness

I was hoping for some advice! Basically I got sick during the last week of the prep plan (ear infection, stomach bug, general deadness) and missed 5 days.

I’m finally a bit better so I did Tapers to sharpen a bit and test out how I’m feeling. My legs felt good but I felt a bit queasy after. Tomorrow which would be best to get the most prepared for ToS?

  • do Primers (last bit of prep and sharpening)
  • do a short-ish recovery (to keep the legs warm)
  • have a rest day (as in the training plan)

option #3. all day.

Sound like your fitness is ok, the nausea could be your system still shaking off the illness and getting back to normal. Rest, maybe stretch out, fuel your body for the days ahead. You’ll be fine.

See you at the start line.