What happen with my training plan if I got sick 3 weeks prior to my event?

What I should do? I got a bad stomack (an infection that requires antibiotics) and am 3 weeks away from the event I was training for. what happen to the plan I was following? Should I restart all over? I had some minor loses in weight and maybe muscular mass.
Thanks for your answers!


Hey @jkarlosha ,
So sorry to hear about your infection. My recommendation would be to get medical clearance from your physician before resuming training. Once you get the go ahead proceed very slowly with low intensity and follow your doctor’s recommendations. The key is letting the body heal and gradually regain your strength and endurance.
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That’s poor luck @jkarlosha, I hope you recover quickly.

I want to share this quote from Tapers:

The cool down of this video has very good advice.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news but at this point I would be concentrating on getting healthy rather than your event. Going into the event 80% healed and ending up with a long term stay in hospital is not the type of Suffering we endorse. Get with your medical team and see what they say as far as sports participation. LISTEN TO THEM IF THEY SAY NO. Prolonged recovery may be the only way.


Thankfully the infection is under control. I did not require to be on the hospital. Am taking antibiotics.
After all, it was really bad for 10 days, not anymore.
Thanks for your advise!

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My concern is that the infection can come back with a vengeance and put you in hospital. Don’t try anything hard until your medical team approves it. If you feel ‘done’, stop and do some sort of recovery. I failed to do this and ended up with an extended lung infection that took over a year to clear up.

Thanks for your advice! Thankfully am back again!