Tour prep plan

I have loaded the prep plan into my calendar, and eased into it with the gentle FF (he lied) My rider type, strength and weakness have all changed.
Does this mean the plan should be deleted and reloaded so the workouts reflect the new profile?

I don’t know how much of a change there will be, but yes, if you want it to reflect your new rider profile then yes, you should.

As there are lots of us doing the tour prep, then this would apply to most of us


While it says in the plan that it‘s customised by our 4DP profile like any other, I expect that the coaches considered this.
The thought of deleting the plan never crossed my mind. Interesting. :slight_smile:

Since TOS has a fixed route and workouts I hope the prep plan does it‘s best to prepare us for what’s coming without necessarily catering to our strength and weaknesses as much as the normal plans do.

I have my FF scheduled for tomorrow and don‘t plan to reapply the plan afterwards.
I will however take a look in the plan selector if something changes and will report back.


I reckon Pierre is right, the plan is fixed and the sessions will be tailored to new FF results as per normal.

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Have they published the event details yet? Last I saw it just said tbc.

I’m not fit enough to do it, but I’m keen to understand how far I have to go to be in a position to do it next year and i cant find any details of previous years, all the links are broken.


If you‘re here with us - you absolutely are.
It‘s for a good cause and for the fun of it all.
Everybody can do it.

Suffer to the extend that you can manage. Do a tour you are proud of. Enjoy yourself.

You can read about the four options here: Choose Your Own Adventure: Four Ways to Ride the Tour of Sufferlandria – The Sufferfest


I’ll make a call once I see the tour schedule. At the moment, no idea of the rides or the time commitment so I’m hesitant.

I have been thinking I could do with a bit more load though…

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You can get an idea of what the tour route is like by looking at some of the previous years. Here’s a link to the poster for the 2020 ToS that shows the route. This year is shorter by two days.

The general pattern I’ve seen is longer stages on the Saturdays and Sundays, and shorter (often just one video) on the weekdays. There is usually a ‘queen’ stage, which is two or more videos, back to back. So the time commitment is in the range of one to three hours for each stage, roughly.

From the link that @Pierre posted, you can choose how you want to do it. You don’t have to do every (or any) stage at 100%. It’s absolutely fine to join in the ToS at a level that you can manage.

One other thing to note is that there is a 50 hour window to complete each stage. No matter where you live, as long as it is the correct day somewhere in the world, your rides count.


Hi. I know the tour rides change every year and this year is shorter but does anyone from previous tours have a rough idea of what sort of mileage might be involved - ball park figure would help me. TIA. Rob

I predict precisely zero miles. Possibly a few centimeters if there’s a sprint stage.


Distance is not really relevant on an indoor trainer, as you can generate the same power on a smart trainer in any number of gears, which will affect the ‘distance’ recorded.

Previous year’s tours have had the weekday stages at around 1 hour, and the weekend stages more like 2 hours.

:grinning:. Fair play. In my tour prep this week I rode for around 3 hours and although sat in my shed managed to do 45 miles. Reason why I asked question is I’ve set myself a mileage target this year and was trying to figure out how much of that I could tick off with the tour (whilst recognising they’ll be virtual miles!!!)

You’re probably looking at ~10 hours, give or take minion maths, so could be 150 of your shed miles.

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I was in the middle of writing a reply that was pretty much exactly what @JamesT said. I agree with the estimate of around 10 hours for the ToS, give or take a couple.

I did some google searching and compiled this list since 2013.


The sadist in me is thinking of trying to do every tour before the tour in 2022 so I’m up to date…



With the way my year is looking, I may be doing this.