ToSUF & yoga

Just saying. My best combo is a warmup with Morning yoga then todays ride and finishing of doing the Hips and hamstrings. I find it to help a lot preventing the body to collapse into stiffness.


Also a big fan of Hips & Hamstrings as a post-ride cool-down.


If you like the Hips vids, check out the brand new ones for runners Hip Mobility Flow I and II as well as Total Hip Therapy.

Also, pretty much anything by the Tragically Hip.

Shake Off The Day is my go-to cooldown yoga. And I find the Pre-Ride Warm-Up session is pretty much perfectly named!

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I’m on a SUF yoga streak since the beginning of the year. I’m doing a yoga session every morning before the stage throughout the ToS and I think I’m really benefitting from it because otherwise my posterior chain would just seize up while sitting at my desk all day.

Thanks to Abi for the SUF yoga sessions!