Tour double

Who else is planning to do both routes for the Tour and do you have a strategy, in terms of what percentage to do the workouts/days at? Can’t do it all at 100% if your zones are set correctly. Plus I want some training benefits and not just suffer and fade down.
I also assume that on days when a workout is on both routes, like Cash Register, you only have to do the workout once to count towards both routes?


There are def a few hearty (foolhardy :wink: ) souls looking to do both. Personally, I can’t even say (or stomach) the name The Company has given to The Tour and am grateful for the SUF route so that’s the only one I am doing.

That said, even the SUF route has some non-SUF rides in it so I will have to add something SUF to those ones and, the wahooliwrong route has a SUF vid that the SUF route doesn’t :man_shrugging: so imma add TBWIB to Stage 1 for a Blender + TBWIB double.

As to the question of whether you’d have to do a vid twice to “count”, I’d say no. I don’t think the app has the capacity to distinguish that. However, if the Sufferlandrian in you is strong, then perhaps on days when the routes converge, you SHOULD do the vids twice :smiling_imp:

As for percentages and such, you wanna make it through so maybe some tweaks like dropping to 85-95% but really, we’re talking 7 days of high volume and high intensity and there are training advantages to overload, provided you’re not doing it all the time. 🚴🏼‍♂️ New Knowledge Episode!: Overload: The benefits of going big. 🚴🏼‍♂️


Thanks for sharing that. Sounds like it is impossible to complete at 100% but could still be an excellent training block. If plenty of recovery is factored in.


I wouldn’t say impossible. Challenging yes, but not impossible. My suggestions to reduce would be if you’re worried about blowing up.


I’m thinking about doing both, by asking people to donate: so if I have $XXX donation before the tour starts I will do both. when I say doing both, if a video is in both tours, I will just do it once. If the day’s riding is > 2 hrs, I will probably turn the third hour/video down to 85% but also will just see how I feel. And actually looking at it I think there is only one day (the first) that goes over 2 hours.


After giving it some thought, my plan is to do 95% for both rides, provided I do them back to back with < 10 minute rest. If not riding back to back, I will go at 100% no matter what my brain tells me. The 95% worked well for the Blender and The Best Way Is Blended rides today. We’ll see how the week progresses and fatigue builds. I typically ride around 5 hours per week, and my 4DP numbers are dialed in to just doable in normal weeks.

On days where the ride is the same, I plan to ride it twice to keep GVA happy.

My additional plan to combat fatigue is to change from bars to drops during all intervals. For long intervals, I will spend even minutes in the drops, and odd minutes on the bars. For short intervals like today’s pain shakes, I will alternate. My hope is the slight adjustments help shift the muscle and seat fatigue a bit for the longer durations of the tour.

Good luck to all doing Tour Double!


Good stuff @robyork .

I’m starting the tour very conservatively after my Knighthood only last Sunday and did the Blenders @70% yesterday. I hope to add 10% per day until Power Station @100%, drop back down a bit and finish @100% again on the last stage! I destroyed myself for the Knighthood, so I’m going to use the tour to build myself back up.


Sounds difficult! Best of luck!


I decided that for each $25 above my initial fundraising target prior to the tour starting, I would do one of the additional rides. Having done Blended and the Best Way is Blended today I’m quite relieved I didn’t get the additional fundraising to do more :hot_face:


@rinaf after tomorrow’s Nine Hammers session, you just might want to tack on the Tour Down Under to spin out the lactic acid. Personally, I’d suggest using Tour Down Under as the warm-up, given how quickly Nine Hammers starts into the intervals.