Training for multi-stage events

I’ve seen a few posts about training for multi-day events, wondering which plan is best to use. I have a question for the coaches on that line.

I’m working toward my Mt. Sufferlandria of a 10-day, 1200 mile ride this August. I think the best plan for me to complete this spring is probably the GG200. In the summer, I expect I will shift to outdoor training (my pain cave is an un-air-conditioned attic and I will not go in there in July, even for my Mt. Suf.) and try to keep the GG200 rhythm of high-intensity and endurance workouts, just doing more back-to-back long rides with the goal of getting used to the mental game of riding a lot when I’m very fatigued.

My question is, would you say that the GG200 plan is appropriate for multi-day events as it is, or would you add something to it? And then, if adding to it is the right thing to do, is there a chance we might see a multi-day prep plan in the future?


Hey Cristy, sounds like solid 10 days you’re lining up there.

The plans in our library you could follow are the Full Century, Gran Fondo and Gravel Grinders and these all use indoor sessions during the week and outdoor rides on the weekends.

If you want to discuss your training in more detail with a coach, you can book a call to get more direction too :slight_smile:

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Now when did the simple ‘just have a call’ option arrive … good stuff

I was wondering the same thing.

Great option! Hopefully some more to come.

Thanks for your reply, @Coach.Rupert.H ! I was not aware of the option to chat by phone. I believe I will take you up on it when I am nearing the end of my GG200 plan in May to talk over my summer training.

Sounds like a plan @DameCristy :slight_smile:

The Chat with a coach is a new service we have introduced as we know a lot of our users have questions and we want to make sure they are getting the best use out of the platform. :bike:

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