Training not available

Tomorrow, there is training scheduled called “Outskirts: Shadow of the East”. But if I click on it, it says “We are still working to make this content available in SYSTM. Please check back soon”.

I guess this training will not be available tomorrow when i have to do this according to the plan?

Peculiar. I’ve seen that happen, but in this case when I searched the Library for “shadow” I found it.

Perhaps the link is broken in your calendar. Try searching the Library. If that doesn’t work, maybe quit the app and come back or force an update (just guessing here).

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Did you originally set up the training plan in the old Suf app? If yes, some of the workout titles have changed slightly so it may not link to the new workout name. I know this is the case for some of the yoga workouts. I’m currently doing the Ian Boswell 200mole gravel grinder plan off the Suf app. It’s different to the regular 200mile GG workout in SYSTM, So occasionally have a similar issue.


Yep, happened to me again recently. It’s a new ride that wasn’t in Sufferfest - essentially when the plan is written there’s a minor unplanned change of name (in this case the “3” is missing) and it won’t pull the workout up. Minions have been alerted.

Many thanks all. I look up it tomorrow manually then.

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As @DameLisa pointed out this is an issue with a naming convention shift between SUF and SYSTM. There are only a few sessions and plans where it’s an issue, which should not be an issue for any plans applied via the SYSTM Plen Stepper.


Hi @Coach.Mac.C Unfortunately it is a problem with at least one of the new plans put in through the SYSTM Planner. I recently did High Volume Base Block 3:1 which has Outskirts 3 in it twice. One of them was incorrectly titled (attached) so the error as detailed above came up when trying to load it.


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@Coach.Mac.C another example. In the 3 week Threshold Block, just created, there’s a Yoga in Couchlandria that doesn’t exist. Seems like your development team should be able to code up a diagnostic that will test each plan and create a list of broken links. They should be easy to fix.

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