Uploading to TP

Is there anyway to upload my SYSTM training plan to Training Peaks?

I know any workouts completed are uploaded.

As far as I’m aware there is no way to load up the pre-completed plan to Training Peaks other than via the customised plans which are set on Training Peaks anyway

That’s a shame - it would be a useful tool because I love the Sufferfest videos and following TP workouts is dull.

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The other advantage of uploading to TP is that, at least for me as an older athlete, it helps me plan the recovery I need. Although TSS is an imperfect metric, I have found out (I have about 6 years of TP data) that it does give me a good handle on predicting fatigue.

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I agree.
Also I find it useful tool because you can plan how you want to train in a given week, whether time or TSS or distance. Then how you are doing against plan.

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Go to Settings… Authorized Apps Select Training Peaks setup configure and allow it, and it works… Been using Training Peaks for years with System

That only covers completed workouts, as mentioned. The original poster is referring to uploading planned workouts before they are completed.