Uploading runs to Wahoo Fitness

I’m new and do rides with RGT and Fitness. Will my RGT rides automatically upload to Garmin Connect as well as Strava? Also, if Fitness is keeping a calendar of my progress why can’t I upload my runs to the calendar from either my Garmin or a .fit or .gpx file from strava or Garmin… or have runs sync in both directions. From Stava to Wahoo fitness. otherwise the calendar is useless as it doesn’t have the full workout info. Also, it would be good if the RGT would contain the name of the ride and not just say Virtual Ride

RGT does not support automatic uploading to Garmin Connect. Only SYSTM does. To get it into Garmin Connect you’ll need to manually upload the FIT file. There is a recent thread about this too: Garmin needs to be added as a Linked Account

As mentioned on 🚀 New feature: Outside rides (and other Wahoo cloud activities) now appear on the SYSTM calendar further down the road they’ll open it up for non-Wahoo but that is not yet present.