Wahoo X May Challenge - Pursuit of Pink!

Yup, great little doses of humility, the Pro Rides…



The pro rides are getting to be my favourite sessions on Systm


Nice work on the May challenge everyone! So far we have 186 badge completions in SYSTM and 655 completions of the EF Pienza Challenge in RGT!

Keep it going!


Don’t get me wrong, I love them for the challenge (sometimes TOO much challenge), but it’s hard to incorporate them into day-to-day scheduled training. But for the every-now-and-again kick in the teeth, nothing better.

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Okay, not gonna lie…I’m really lost here. Scheduled to do the EF Pienza Challenge today to complete the monthly challenge. Only my second effort in RGT, after the Stelvio with DPF during the (not) Tour. Can someone explain this to me like I’m five?

OK, so I queue up RGT, and I’m just supposed to ride this loop twice? And that counts towards the May Challenge and apparently enters you for some EF swag? (which: cool).

Are these Strava segments somewhere on the loop?

And then, from last week:

So…wait. The Pursuit of Pink Challenge does NOT count toward the badge? And if I click through the RGT links, I get this?


On the plus side, at least I LOOK good.

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Yup, pretty much my experience too.

OK, so I queue up RGT, and I’m just supposed to ride this loop twice? And that counts towards the May Challenge and apparently enters you for some EF swag?

Yes, you get a pop-up after two laps to say done, but that’s it.

Are these Strava segments somewhere on the loop?

Dunno if they are Strava too, but there are two timed segments on the course, yes.

Like you, this was only my second RGT ride, and I also found it quite confusing…

I didn’t find RGT too bad when I rode in March - just the instructions for this challenge were a mess.

So is the “EF Challenge” a separate thing?

UPDATE: I don’t know, folks. I just finished the Pienza ride in RGT and it was…a lot of fun. Barreling down the hills with a friendly Canadian, scenery was cool - especially the town at the top of the rise. Didn’t overly humiliate myself on the hill segments…

So yes, the instructions and guides in the challenge notes were a mess, but I didn’t find RGT that difficult to figure out, or to set my phone sidewise in it’s aero mount to sub as steering control.

Good times were had by all.

Forza Scuderi!

(I know that has something to do w the Ferrari fandom in F1…I just like how it sounds.)



Ageed. Have done one RGT ride. Wasn’t impressed. Tried to do this challenge ride. 20 minutes f@#king around - updating program - logging in. Eventually found it but no way to do actually do it.
I like the monthly challenges. Keep RGT out of it.


I eventually found it but couldn’t get it to queue up. Gave up in frustration and never want to go back.

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I had no problems with it, just to give some balance to this thread. Logged in and did the challenge ride with no problems except for my heavy breathing trying to beat the segment times


Agree 1000000%!

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Let’s be clear and cut The Company a little slack in this instance… So far they did keep it out… it was an optional RGT challenge, not required for the monthly badge.


Fair enough, but the comment was to "Keep it out’, which I agree with. Just as your own words indicate “So far”. I would like to continue.

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Great work to everyone on the Wahoo X May Challenge and congratulations to the 500+ who achieved their SYSTM badge by completing the 3 workouts!

On the RGT challenge we are just shy of 1000 rides!

As with every monthly challenge, they are designed to give you small, achievable goals to get you moving more :slight_smile:

Keep up the hard work and see you in June for the next one. We are also working to make sure the info is presented more clearly.


This may surprise some of you but I don’t have a hate on for RGT. I think it’s got a yakton of potential and, at the very least, offers ALL of us a sim that we otherwise would have had to sub to yet another app for. And still at a relative bargain. :pray:

I don’t even mind it being part of a monthly challenge. Like @jesawdy I’m willing to cut The Company some slack here. It makes sense to me to include their other offerings in their own challenges. Kinda like what they tried to do with The Wahoolimabob Tour but without alienating the entire nation of Sufferlandria #twaaw

Yeh there’s things with RGT that need a lot of improvement and the UIX is sometimes far from intuitive with a bit of a learning curve but I’m actually glad it’s part of The Company ecosystem, even though there’s a fair way to go yet in terms of integration.

I also think it’s a good thing that The Company is offering these monthly challenges, even if I’ve missed most of them :man_shrugging:t3::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking:

Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 7.13.43 AM


There is no doubt that RGT can be frustrating for new users. My 2 cents here is that there’s a lot on offer and it’s worth sticking it out. There are some truly phenomenal volunteers who’ve been using RGT for several years, some since it’s inception and their patience and willingness to help troubleshoot is bordering on legendary.

Check out the RGT category in the forum, The Company Support site, or the couple of FB groups (users and support) and you’ll see the lengths they’ll go to to try to help people get sorted.


Thanks, coach!



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