What is the best plan to follow over the winter?

Hi all,

I was wondering what the best plan to follow over the winter months? Obviously need to focus on strength work but also commence ‘base’ phase of training etc


Hi - there was a similar question a few weeks ago that might be helpful to you.

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commence base phase


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Hey @MG82,
Depending on where you are with your training, I recommend you check out our transitions plans.
Also, you may find this article useful:


Hi Rupert,

Thanks fro the message.

I am doing 2 x strength sessions per week at mo (on the 12 week strength intermediate) and just doing some general road and turbo sessions on the bike.

I have my main Sportive in early July (Le Etape Du Tour De France) and will have a tailored plan for that starting 12 weeks out.

So, for winter i would like a plan to follow that is equivalent to ‘base’ miles and also to concentrate on my weakness (sustained). Last year i just completed ‘general road’ over the winter.

So any advise / help would be much appreciated!!



Getting a structured training plan will definitely help and the all-purpose road is a good one. I recommend you do the ramp-up transition plan to get you back into structured training.

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Interesting that the all-purpose indoor/outdoor program doesn’t include a strength option.

Could you explain the logic?

You just run a separate strength plan over winter

Hi Dave,
Sorry that we don’t have them integrated! it is on our radar as something to do, we have been busy focusing on the new inspiration videos and getting them integrated into the plans too. It is on our radar however of things we need to update.
You can load the strength training up separately from the cross training section.

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OK That makes sense.


I noticed that too. The problem with loading strength training separately is that it’s not in sync with your bike sessions, so you end up with hard bike workouts on the same days as strength work.


Hey MG, I’m also training for the L’Etape. Hope it doesn’t get postponed again!

I’m not bothering with a traditional base plan for the reasons outlined in the SUF article linked earlier. Instead I’m a month into the advanced All-Purpose Road plan with Integrated strength and yoga. I’m finding it more time efficient and effective in moving my fitness forward. Although I did already have a decent base level of fitness to start off with having trained consistently for over a year.

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I think I’ll just do the inside one - but ‘convert’ a few sessions to outside.

Enjoy the Etape - cracking event.

I guess you already have your pen number etc

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Cheers! I have an entry carried over from this year’s cancelled event. No pen number yet though. Really looking forward to it after waiting so long!

I also chose the indoor plan with strength and yoga and will sub some weekend sessions with outdoor and Zwift group rides with friends.

I did it in 2017 - great event.

You’ll love it :+1:

Thx again for the info.

Most plans I’ve followed before go through phases:

Muscular Endurance
Sweet Spot
VO2 Max

ie progressively getting higher intensity

By contrast the All-Purpose Road doesn’t seem to follow an obvious progression. It might be that I’m just not that familiar with the Sufferfest sessions.

So … is there an explanation of the All-Purpose Road structure?

Hey Dave,

On the Sufferfest plans, we use structured training of either 2:1 week ratios on novice and intermediate or 3:1 on our advanced plans. The plan is also tailored to your rider weakness based on your 4DP profile.

So with the all purpose plan, you will be working on all aspects of your 4DP but with a little bit more on your weakness and this will be the structure for 2:1 or 3:1 (with a Half Monty test halfway for good measure) throughout the 12 weeks.

Keep up the hard work and trust the plan :slight_smile:

OK so the focus of the 3/4 week waves don’t change through the plan

Hey Dave, we don’t believe the switch in focus you referred to above to be effective so we keep the focus on the same aspect over the course of the 12 weeks in order to maximise your gains :slight_smile: