What is the purpose of a run after FF?

I needed to do FF last weekend and I looked at the triathlon testing plan and there is a 20 min aerobic run after FF. I did FF and there was no way I was going to be able to run right afterward. I ate lunch after some recovery and eventually went on a 40 minute run 3.5 hours after finishing FF. Let’s just say the run wasn’t pretty and if any of you were doubting whether I was stupid from my prior posts, this post should relieve all doubt. :slight_smile: Coaches, is there a reason this run is in the triathlon testing plan?

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Perfect time for a brick run!

If you’re training for a triathlon then there’s never a bad time for a brick run. Once you’re off the bike you need to run no matter how your legs feel. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. During a triathlon I pace my bike so I can run. I guess this gives a taste of what it feels like when you don’t pace your bike properly.

On a related note, I’ve noticed that the plans all have a lot more bricks that I usually do so I’ve added more into my training.

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I do triathlons as well. Some people in our triathlon club do bricks with almost every bike ride. Even if it’s just a quick (or slow) half mile or mile. Gets your body better prepared for the feeling. But I usually only do them maybe twice a week. Three times on my toughest weeks. Depends on how much time I have with work and all the other things going on with life.

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Been there done that! :confused:

I did this when I was doing tris. There is a loop from my house around a creek (now flooded but that is a different story) that was exactly a mile. If I wasn’t doing an intentional brick run I would do this after almost every ride. It was great to get the legs used to the transition.


Oh yes! sad but true :wink: