When does 12 weeks start?

When I sign Up or when i start my plan. is the full frontal week included in the 12 weeks or not part of it?

The plans are designed to start after the Full Frontal, eg you do the FF on Sunday and the plan starts the Monday after the FF

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So can I sign up tonight and get started with the questionnaire, 30 min coach conversation etc. B4 the test?


For customised plans, the 12 weeks start at the date you agree with your coach. It is common to allow a week to do a Full Frontal prep week before starting your plan however if you would like to discuss your results on your call it is best to have completed Full Frontal beforehand.

Thank you. So I did the first workout on the 1 week full frontal prep plan. I am used to riding 3 – 4 times a week for 60 – 90 min alternating hard/tempo workouts. The rides in the program seem so easy that they are almost nothing. Can I supplement them with something else so that I can get some endorphins and burn some calories or should I just not worry about it?


We recommend sticking to the plan as it is. It is laid out to allow you to recover and focus on the goal of the Full Frontal workout and make sure you get the best results possible which will allow you to see the best gains over the course of your 12 week plan.

Full Frontal itself is a beast of a workout so enjoy the easy lead up to it while you can!