Workouts from TrainingPeaks

I’m now doing workouts from TP. I mainly do them outside using my Garmin 840, but would like to do them inside on the trainer too. Doing them in Zwift is super simple and works well. I’ve ridden RGT a few times but was meh. What do you think are the pros-cons of doing them in RGT compared to Zwift? How do I get TP workouts into RGT and then the results to back to TP?

You connect RGT to TrainingPeaks, and then it will pull in workouts and upload to it. As for pros-cons, it depends on what exactly you value out of virtual riding and what drives you.

From the web you can go here and after logging in link it to TrainingPeaks.


Just as easy in RGT vs Zwift. Personally, I’m a big fan of the lack of crowds in RGT.


Same. Let me slog through my workout in ERG mode with the occasional other rider or bot and some good tunes going.


Sounds like the principle (only?) advantage of doing TP workouts in RGT vs Zwift is lack of other riders. I don’t really mind them in Zwift. I’ve never been a big fan of riding virtual worlds anyway, which is why I like SYSTM with its vids. Of course I can do TP workouts and watch some random vids too.

@Saddlesaur It is also part of the Wahoo X subscription too so no additional monthly cost. I personally prefer the way the avatar behaves
In RGT over Zwift.


Yep. The fact that Zwift is a separate subscription had not escaped me. I haven’t been a Zwift subscriber for a couple of years but managed to squeeze in a workout for free before the 25km ran out to see how it’s currently working, which is fine. It’s nice that you can have power and HR plots showing at the same time. Does RGT allow that? SYSTM hasn’t. The main reason for me to use Zwift or RGT is to control the trainer, record the workout, and provide some on-screen distraction. I have a couple of upcoming trainer based workouts and I’ll likely just use my Garmin for that and watch some mtb XC vids.

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I’d sometimes use SYSTM’s mini player to watch a something other than a SYSTM workout vid that I’d seen too many times. What I’d like is to be able to use that for TP workouts. Trainerroad will do that. Are there other apps that offers something like that?

I prefer the workout bar graph and progress display in RGT.

It all syncs to and from TP seamlessly.

I suppose the answer is to just try both and see which you prefer.