TrainingPeaks workouts in Systm

Now that RGT is RIP will wahoo provide the functionality to do TrainingPeaks workouts in Systm?

I really like Systm but the use a plan from TP.

My workouts are now done on RPE rather than watts, Systm is the only software (I know of) that handle structured workouts based on RPE?

@Fletcher You can send TP workouts to a Wahoo bike computer and when done they will appear on the calendar.

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That’s what ive been doing. just kind of wanted a larger screen or use the mini player.
That coupled with IndieVelo is a free solution

Yeah. When I was doing TP workouts, I resorted to playing them in ZWIFT, but that’s a whole 'nother subscription. Being able to play them in Systm would be great, but so would a lot of minor improvements in the player and calendar that haven’t happened in the three years I’ve been here.

You can play them in I dievelo for free at the moment if you want to save on Zwift subscription