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Could Aby give us something more straight forward to choose between the videos. When not following any specific training plan. I understand the videos have names very suggestive and a good description of it’s purpose, but also we could have something like the Strength training what would be the best sequence to follow. As it’s explained in this article BY MAC CASSIN

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When I go to classes, many exercises have options so we can select depending on our ability and how big a challenge we are after.The teacher runs through each option first. I find Abi’s videos go too fast for me, I would like to hold some poses and get a stretch rather than movement focus. It also takes my brain a while to work out what is being asked, rather than just following the instructions. Things like a pigeon pose are a mystery to me , a bit more explanation would help , by the time I have worked something out, the exercise has moved on


Check this out @Alexs71 . I think it may help a bit.


Awesome. That’s what I was looking for.


Well I didn’t know that pdf existed. Thanks @Cody.Moore. Off to save that somewhere safe

Me neither, useful pdf! Thanks @Cody.Moore

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Hi @alchurch, not sure if you have seen Abi’s website but you can see most of the poses on there

I found this helped when first starting out, also gives some modifications if you cannot do the poses that easy


Hi @alchurch,
It may help to pause the video when you want to spend more time on a particular stretch, rather than moving through it so quickly. That is one benefit of following along to a video rather than an in-person class. But you’re right, there aren’t any modifications offered in the videos so if a pose is too tough, you’re left struggling. Maybe working through some of the other videos on Yoga15 would help, as Sir-Craig suggested.


Thank you Sir Craig and Suzie


Hi Cody,

I want to work on my knees and find that Warrior 1 and 2 poses help activate and strengthen my knees. Can you provide some indication of which videos include these poses?

@abicarver may have a suggestion or two …

Check out the balance and agility workouts, I’m pretty sure they have Warrior 1 & 2 in them.

Look at Hip openers
Also take a look at Aby’s site Yoga15. There ara a list of therapeutic vídeos there a session for knee pain.
It’s a good guide to folow. Most of vds are on the SUF app.

Hi Cody, warrior 1 and 2 are not in the Balance and Agility I and II videos. Any place else to look for these poses on TheSufferfest?

There is some in Mobilise and Activate II, in the second half.

I did hip and pelvis stability yesterday and there is warrior 1,2 and 3 incorporated. Some rather short but you can always press pause :wink:.

Sir way9e0 and Tmi, thanks for the intel. I appreciate the help.

Well, shoot! I’m sorry about that. I think I was thinking of Warrior 3. Thanks for coming to the rescue @Tmi !