52yrs old training plan advice

Started road racing for the first time this year and would like to work on my endurance at threshold. Genuinely not sure what plan suits me best…

52yrs old, weigh 150lbs at 5’7", FTP 220-230, racing Cat 4 and placing just below middle of the pack in Crits and Road.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Tungstenisw,

Thanks for the post. Glad to hear you are going at it. If you are in the midst of the season now you may want to start with one of the building block plans to add a bit of structured intensity to your training in small chunks. Under the plans section, choose cycling then building blocks. From there you can choose the specific type of block. You mentioned threshold but I recommend that you start with MAP or AC/NM especially if you are doing crits as these are both helpful in building FTP and more likely to help with any type of mass start racing. Cheers!



Exactly what I was looking for, thank you.


Which would you pick though? MAP or AC/NM?

A complete guess but posted just to see if I’m right.

Endurance at threshold = MAP block is best


Seconded, i did both tempo and threshold blocks this spring post-TOS and my threshold power really benefited.


Where does one find the ‘building blocks’ you talk of ?

EDIT: found it under General Fitness.


Was just typing that out.

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That’s a great plan for ANYONE wanting to up their FTP/MAP. Need to work on VO2 if you can as well for the times when you need to put power to the pedals to stay with the pack or avoid a major issue. AC/NM training there helps (surges…)