A Week with Neal Henderson

Wow, that’s taken a while. Good to see you’re on recovery mode. I’m dreading the break in training - I’ll probably get withdrawal symptoms from my cycling addiction.

I wanted to do the week with Ian starting the 17th and I’ve got FF planned for the 30th just before starting a 12 week Hilly Grand Fondo plan, but I’ll follow this guidance first and see where we stand after that:

Coming Back From Getting Sick: A Coach’s Perspective


Yeah, I’ve been following that advice and also found the info from the BMJ in this thread very useful.
Back to physical activity after Covid19 infection

Effectively a 2 week break, so not too bad in the scheme of things.

I did a session on the day that symptoms were starting to show which, with hindsight, wasn’t the best decision.

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I followed similar.

I tested positive 10 days before Christmas a whilst it was nothing more than a very mild cold for 2 days, 5 mins of coughing and then basically nothing I was very careful in getting back to things. This thing seems rather unpredictable so didnt want to tempt fate. It coincided with a Christmas-enforced break so I got a good rest though I am now feeeling undertrained and a HM yesterday confirmed as such.

Better to be safe than sorry though. You can’t train at all if you’re in a hospital bed.



First ride on new numbers post-FF. Thanks @Coach.Neal.H. :cry:

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Wait until you get to the velodrome…


Mijn taak is vervuld. (yay Belgian Classics season!)

Thanks @Coach.Neal.H.




Cheers Ian!