Am I missing Something?

Just did a Full Monty today which prompted me to update my numbers on RWGPS and Strata and make sure the Wahoo app was updated.

Anyone think it strange after all these years that the rides done on Systm do not update the pertinent numbers in the Wahoo app? Even further, they do not use the same terminology!

Also, would be nice it the two Wahoo owned platforms were able to upload workout data to the same apps. I find it frustrating to have to remember to manually upload to RWGPS after a Systm ride, but my Wahoo GPS will do so automatically.

Rant Complete. Out!


Numbers on the Wahoo App only update with the Full Pain Parlour treatment. Thus is designed this way.

Half Monty or Full Frontal.

Which did you do?

Ha! My bad! Half Monty. Also, what is Full Pain Parlour treatment?

To clarify further, the Half Monty says clearly that it updates FTP and heart rate. Those are the numbers I was trying to update in the ELEMNT app. If you use a Wahoo GPS, that is the app that also manages to integrate with 18 external apps! Many of those include workout data, some are for routes which are not applicable to this rant. SYSTM has only 5.

Also, you can’t simply enter the data in the ELEMNT app, like you can on RWGPS. All the fields are not editable and changing a number in one does not affect the undeitable fields. Really strange. Perhaps a screenshot would help:

Those numbers are clearly something that could be updated by doing a Half Monty. But, you can’t. Further, I argue they should optimally be automatically updated by linking SYSTM to ELEMNT, just like they somehow manage to do with route data or ride metrics with any number of third party apps. I mean, come on, they own both apps!

Don’t get me wrong, I love both SYSTM and my Wahoo GPS. I just wonder why integration has not been a priority after Wahoo bought SYSTM. Perhaps it was, but the current pickle they find themselves in financially, precludes it. Too bad, it could be pretty sweet!

I think I will do some research on the ELEMNT app to see how those numbers can be changed. This is not the forum for that. I was frustrated last night, and still am to a degree.

Sir @jmckenzieKOS means Full Frontal.

I really can’t advise on your other issues as I only maintain my 4DP within SYSTM.

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Thanks! I assumed that, but was not sure. Especially given my mixing up “Full Frontal” and “Half Monty” and turning it into “Full Monty”! :slight_smile:

“Full Monty” is an uncomfortable cycling experience. I say this speculatively, not from first hand experience. But I find my chamois indispensable and really wouldn’t want to ride without it.

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Hell, I find the “Half Monty” uncomfortable! I wore a chamois when I rode it a couple of days ago! All the warnings about not stopping / worrying about screwing it up kept me glued to the seat and not stopping, well, until, I had to… ;-). Yea, I wore a chamois. Not taking any chances on having to do that again unnecessarily!

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Just don’t forgey the creme! The resilts without are a little unpleasant.