B race in middle of race A plan

Hi everyone,
Hope weekends are going well!

I’m starting the mountainous plan mid March to prepare for the Santini Stelvio race in June and was wondering what’s the best approach to add a race midway through the plan (I’m racing Liege at the end of April).

Should I just take this one as a Sunday ride (if anyone can treat Liege as such)? Should I tapper in any way that week? Should I compensate after?



Since it’s not your A race, I would do a few easy days beforehand, a few easy days after to recover, then jump back into my plan ASAP.


Copy that. No compensating after?

Def compensate as much as you need to. If you bury yourself in a B race and then get any needed rest, you bounce back fitter. Depending on how hard it is, you may need a few rest days, but it’s really hard to predict how many. Play it by ear and plan to jump back in as soon as you’re ready.


@devolikewhoa @Tobias_Breme +1 - this method worked well for me last season. B and even C races are great prep for your A race. You just need to dial in the balance of prep and recovery during your training plan. I wouldn’t worry too much about jumping back into planned intensity after a B race. I find that a small period of rest goes a long way when you get to the end of your season and your A race.

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I did weekend time trials throughout last summer. I tended to sub the harder weekend ride for the time trial and watched recovery after. The main problem that short time trials, while intense, aren’t that long so you can under up not always putting yourself under as much load as the scheduled training session. At least that’s the way it felt. Doubt that would be an issue for road or MTB race though.

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