Change in IF?

Hope this is the right place for my query. This evening while flicking through upcoming sessions I noticed HHNF now has an IF of 0.93! Last week itwas 0.86. Nothing hasbeen altered and on IOS phone/ tablet it’s still 0,86. I’m starting to dread Friday! Any ideas as to why there is such a difference (and I`d prefer to avoid the TSS stuff is worthless/4dp is brill discussion please😊

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Interesting. What platform are you using to look at the upcoming workout?

Do you have the same 4DP numbers on both platforms? I think IF is scaled based on your FTP, so if you have different MAP numbers, then you could end up with different calculated IF.

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For clarity:same rider type,same numbers, as shown on PC app version of systm. Have used SuffWahoo for 2,5 years. To double check I have logged out and in again on iphone,pad and pc. No change on ios stuff. The pc version has now changed to what I would call dark mode. No idea why.

HHNF has an IF of 0.87 for me, so the 0.86 sounds like the right number.

Do you have it downloaded on the platform showing an IF of 0.93? If so, can you delete and re-download it? I recall that HHNF was dialed down a bit at some stage, so perhaps you still have the older version.

This is what I see. Consistent on three platforms.

PC App:








Which Is reloading session. Notebdark mode and missing picturegram of session. Somethings wrong obviously me thinks.

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. I’ll be interested to see if the PC version of the workout lines up with the iOS version once the download is complete.

Nope. It doesn’t. Stayed in dark mode, no pictogram (on any of the upcoming sessions) and still 0,93. I’ll try reloading the app later. Alternatively I’ll have to dial down the session. I like suff/systm but would like it just to work :blush:

A couple of other thoughts:

  • have you restarted SYSTM on both platforms? I did a quick experiment by adjusting my MAP in my 4DP profile, and the HHNF IF didn’t recalculate until after I stopped and restarted the app.
  • what version of SYSTM are you running on both PC and iOS?

Iirc the targets can be individually adjusted, so whichever o e is off, you can fix

thanks for all the suggestions. I haven’t solved it yet. My work MAC shows “normal” (having logged out and in again) so its looking like my home PC is having a bad day/week. Turns out we had a power outage on Wednesday which my batteryless PC didn’t like of course. oh well technology technology…

You can start that workout on a device that displays plausible if/tts. Do not ride, just scroll to some MAP & FTP sections and check prescribed wattage numbers. Discard that workout and repeat those steps on your PC.
You will know then if they are actually different or if it is description glitch only.

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Sooo… I freed up some disc space, deleted and reloaded the pc app and voila! All sorted. So relieved (and a bit chuffed too) thanks again for all the suggestions😊