Customized Training plan for 5 mountain event in July

Hi Folks,

I’m doing a 5 mountain event in July and was planning two back to back Customized Training plan’s starting in 2 weeks that would bring be right up to the week of the event. But I would have liked to have done the TOS. What ya reckon forget the TOS or can they build it in but seems kinda pointless since their is a pre-tour plan available? Coaches?

Would also be great to hear how other people got on with using a Customized Training plan for a multi day event?


Hey Peter, great to hear that you are interested in our customised plans!

2 Back-to-backs sounds like a plan and I will also make sure you get paired with the same coach all the way through!

Regarding the ToS, We can definitely help there as part of the benefits of a customised plan is we can fit in events throughout the plan so I say go for it :slight_smile:

If you have any more questions, message me on here or email