Will there be a training plan for the ToS?

Are you guys going to drop a ToS training plan for next year?


that’s the word on the streets of Agonia.

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Early January is also the word. Two words.


Last year’s plan was way too easy, I started a harder plan. And I a,
M not someone who does the nuclear option

Yes, we will be releasing our ToS prep plans in the coming weeks. The first day of the plans is January 3rd.


Great can’t wait, I have had my biggest jumps in numbers the last 2 years following these plans and the focused tour option!

Will the pre tour plan include a Full Frontal?


@Sir_Craig I seem to recall 2 versions - one with Full Frontal and one without for those that had a current test.

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Oh yeah I remember that now, thanks :fire:

Looking for advice. Want to do ToS but will be in the middle of an All Purpose training plan. What the best way to combine the two or temporarily put one on hold?

I’d delete my current plan, implement the ToS prep plan and do the ToS. You’ll get a nice bump in fitness plus you won’t be alone @104smurf

@Coach.Mac.C no offense intended but how can you start a training plan for an event that you don’t know the specifics on? If I’m training for a half or full IM or an imperial century I know the specifics like route, climbs etc. Looking at the plan, it looks a bit light for what I know about the ToS (this will be my first). Am I crazy here?

No that’s a valid question.
The plans have been designed based on the demands of the Route. Even though the Route isn’t public, I helped design it, and I designed the plans to prep for it.
The Route itself will be announced in a couple of weeks.
What you do know at this point are the start and end date, and what is known by those who have completed the ToS in the past is that the longest days are on the weekends, which this year means the first and last stages are the longest.

Beyond that, you just need to trust that we want everyone to have a successful ToS, and would never intentionally give you a training plan that sets you up for failure.


That was the reply I anticipated. Still, I will wait to see the event before I sign on to the plan. If that’s problematic for the way the plan is designed, I will continue to make my own plans. It worked fine so far to get a reasonable improvement on my FTP etc and my successful Rapha 500.

Thanks for the reply.

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