Day 14 Plan


Can someone send the list of sessions for Day 14. I’ve got it in my calendar and moved a few around and I’ve messed up.

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I’ve done that. Here’s what I do: pretend that you are setting up the plan again from scratch and set the end date equal to your existing plan end date. When you get to Plan Preview, click View Schedule and compare. It’s easiest if you do this on two devices so you can see and adjust your existing plan on one and the preview on the other—otherwise you will have to use a pen and paper. When you’re done with the preview, just go back and click somewhere else. It won’t go onto your calendar unless you click Add to Calendar.

Are you talking about the 14-day plan that was applied when you started your SYSTM account? Or the 14-day Trial Plan added from the Plan Stepper?
If it’s the plan from onboarding Day 14 is Full Body 02 + I Just Want to Ride
If it’s the plan from the stepper it’s The Bat

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Thanks AkaPete. That worked a treat.


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