Foam Rolling Routine - Recovery Session Add

Good day, I am enjoying the yoga sessions and find them very effective.

It would be great if there was a rolling routine established so that one could select it and do it weekly.




Hi @Surlacote do you mean you’d like to a Yoga plan like for 6 to 8 weeks rather than just picking individual workouts ? Usually if your on a Plan you can pick yoga as part of that plan but otherwise try this Go into Plans, choose Cross Training, then choose Yoga, then choose your level of knowledge, then how many sessions a week you want to do then just pick a date and finally you can view your plan to see what sessions your gonna be doing. Hope this helps

No I meant a specific foam roller routine. I do not see one listed and think this would be beneficial for me and many others.


Hi, yes I agree some specifics on using a foam roller would be a really good addition.

Only Boz’s yoga routine includes any at the moment. (If you’ve not seen it, check out AWW Ian B)


I’ve seen a request for foam roller video content elsewhere. I agree, it would be a great addition to the recovery sessions available.

@Surlacote , perhaps change the title of this post to ‘Foam Rolling Routine’ to clarify what you’re asking for?


+1 on adding foam rolling - maybe road and off road variants?

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