Great French Challenge 2022

Man, it’s been a long time since I did The Trick:hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:




Oh yes, that’s how it felt… :joy:

Completely miss-paced the first interval: Set off in a full sprint, faded and completely blew up after 20 seconds… That was harsh.

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I attempted the Trick right after waking up. No food. No coffee. Not a good approach. The warmup was fine and then I had my all time best 1 minute. But I felt so dizzy and nauseated after (even after a few minutes of recovery) that I stopped. I didn’t stop feeling awful for almost 20 minutes, after I had eaten something.

I’ll try again, but definitely not fasted.


That’s definitely a trick!

I do a lot of fasted riding and running, so I’m more accustomed to it. But it’s still tough especially when I’m tired.

I did something somewhat similar, this morning. Woke up, just had a little bit of water and then hopped on. I intended to just stick it in level mode and ride the whole thing as a recovery ride, but my body wanted to work harder.

I did the full warm up in Erg mode, then put it in level mode for the rest. My intervals were definitely lower than the targets, tho I still pushed hard. Just not quite full 1 minute AC effort hard. Then I did the last 15 minutes at target power before extending the cool down a few extra minutes.

Definitely needed my extra fan, today!

+1 - I do a fasted ride first think after waking up a few times a month. I can do just about any ride under an hour and some rides up to 90 minutes without even thinking about it. Clearly not for everyone however.

When i was trying to lose weight I was doing 2/week for about 10 weeks. Worked fine for me. I was telling a friend and fellow cyclist who was in weight loss mode so he gave it a try. Same results as @AkaPete.

To each his/her own.

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Yay recovery day! Glad I did my ride, not Thompson’s. :grimacing:


@CPT_A Did you finish the badge already?

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No, just trying to be clever w the badge graphic.


I know the recovery day was on the plan but that was just a little too little. So before the scheduled recovery ride I did a 9 miles TT. It was mostly flat until the very end plus I drafted off a bot for almost three miles so ot was still an easy day. Well relatively speaking anyway.

Med Coast - Nice to Menton

Chapeau, @michael.cotty! C’était génial! Magnifique! Bien qu’honnêtement, vous auriez pu faire semblant de lutter pendant au moins un moment.

My first Med Coast on location. Really enjoyed that. Sir Mike was a great leader, as always. Not enough coffee or beer, but scenery was great. And of course it was sorely lacking in cows and goats, but you can’t have everything.

Butter and Cobbler next week, though. Mon Dieu.



How is everyone getting on with their badge progress?
Hopefully not too many outdoor warm weather distractions!

Not gonna lie, it’s been a heavy load adding it in to the tour de basement plan, a la @rinaf. Had to add a rest day yesterday, but in for Butter today!



samesies – I had The Wretched today which was good, but I’m dreading next week when I planned the Trick, Butter, and Cobbler on 3 successive days. That’s probably going to have to be rearranged if I want to come out of this month with my legs (mostly) intact.

3/9 done today


@Coach.Rupert.H Five done as of today. The Trick and Butter were brutal and Nice to Menton wasn’t easy either with those sub-threshold sections.

Still have Cobbler, Massif de l’Esterel, The Wretched and Joyride to come so no comfort in sight.

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:butter: :butter: :butter:

I don’t know why I like Butter so much, but really needed that kick in the chamois this morning.

#I :hearts:butter

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can you still get the badge for this if you complete it outside of July? Im currently down with illness and stupidly cold temps (so getting out to the trainer in the garage is a bit tougher than normal) at the moment.

Unfortunately the terms specify “during the month of July”.

How is your badge showing that way?

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I did that with a photo editor. Just playing around. I suppose I should update my progress… :wink:

2022-07-14_09-06-59 copy

Oh, maybe I missed that in my quick skim through of the thread. Nicely done!

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