List of All Workouts and Targets

Hi All,
Im looking for a list of all the Sufferfest workouts and what they target. It would be even better if it had the amount of time spent at what ever percent power.

If this does not exist I’m happy to start to develop a shared spreadsheet for everyone to reference.

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Possibly not quite what you’re looking for, no time at whatever, but here’s some info for the ones that have videos… WorkoutInfo - Google Drive


Yes! This is exactly what I’m looking for. I just want to take this and break out the stars section and put the amount of time spent in each target zone, and hopefully the percent of FTP if I can figure that out.

Basically I want to be able to give my coach/myself a recipe book to choose from, as he does not know what each workout does.

So instead of him just building a workout in training peaks, or saying do 16 minutes of LT work, he can just look at the sheet and say do 14 Vise Grips.

Can you make a copy of this and give me edit privileges or can I copy paste it?

Sorry, the link I shared is as far as I’d want to go - that info is a simple collation of things that are easily accessible and public. The rest can of course be worked out, the targets are clearly visible to you as you do a workout, but I’d advise against starting a shared project to analyze the detail as the workouts are very much the property of The Sufferfest and should be respected as such. i.e. if you do it, keep it to yourself.

You can copy the summary sheet from here WorkoutInfo - Google Sheets


Yea I hear that. Probably a good advice and not a good idea to publish that info.
I’m trying to make it so a coach not familiar with what each workout targets can get a sense of it with more precision than 5 stars at MAP…

I feel like I’ve thanked you for this Google Spreadsheet at some point in the past, @JamesT but if I haven’t, thank-you very very much! It’s a great resource that you’ve shared with all of us!

The best feature for me is that it provides a second level of filtering that isn’t possible in the list of videos in the app.

For example, I can quickly filter the list to find workouts that hit both my 4DP strength (MAP) and weakness (AC). The Tool Shed, The Omnium, Revolver, 14 Vice Grips :cold_sweat: … oh no! heh heh


I just was thinking about the same @velezf if you mean like:
Cobbler: 3x20 upper tempo
HHNF: 2x20 Ftp
Who dares: 3x10 sub ftp with surges
Chores: 3x 40/20s with sub ftp push

Is there such a list anywhere?

Thanks @JamesT, this is very helpful. Would you have an updated list? I see 277 workouts listed in SYSTM for Cycling, your list has 106 of them. It would be great to have the complete list.

This is a great idea. FWIW, there are sites outside of ZWIFT that do similar things with ZWIFT workouts, plans, etc. For example, check the following site. It is not affiliated with ZWIFT.

Check out this post with the latest list of all cycling workouts: