SYSTM List of Cycling Workouts

I’ve seen several questions on how to get a list of all cycling workouts available in SYSTM. I opened a support ticket to request Wahoo to post the list on their site, but was told that’s going to take some time. So I collected the information manually and compiled an Excel with the data. You can view the file here:

This is a view only link, but feel free to download the file and edit locally. If you find an error or omission please let me know.

2/27/2022, lists 283 cycling workouts
3/18/2022, added the four new “Mediterranean Coast” rides
3/27/2022, added the “10 New Inspiration Films”


Whoa. Awesome! Thanks!

Wow! What a bit of work you did for us all!

Thank you for all 234 of them!

Well done @swisspdx ! That looks like a lot of work.

Bookmarked for future use. :+1:

The TSS and IF are not the same for everyone, that’s something to keep in mind. Hard core nerds will want to adjust that to their own numbers.

But I note you’ve got a handful that have an IF above 1.0, I’ve not seen that before. I think that’s numerically possible when your AC and NM are well high compared to your FTP. What’s your rider type, if you don’t mind sharing?

The SYSTM app returns data on all workouts via GraphQL API when you load the main page (if you wonder why you look at a blank calendar for several seconds on load, this is likely why; the APIs are not well optimized). It should be pretty straightforward to write a script to scrape this out which would be (a) up to date and (b) get the personalized TSS/IF metrics for the individual user.

I haven’t tried this myself but should I find myself with a couple idle hours may give it a crack.


Thanks @TrapMeSuf. Good reminder that the targets aren’t the same for everyone, I added them as an afterthought since I was already on that screen. I’m a Pursuiter with NM 823W, AC 387W, MAP 254W, and FTP 192W. I’m overdue to the a 4DP, I did my last Half Monty at the start of the year. Definitely due for a 4DP.


@tbronder I’ve looked into intercepting the query in the UI as well to get the data, but it was just too much work for me to do. It would be great if someone figures this out. There could be many uses for this data. I personally have matched the list of rides to the rides I’ve done, this allows me to find some variety at times. I might want to replace G.O.A.T with Power Station or Big Gear MAP: 2 Sets 6 x 30s. The spread sheet allows me to find close matches so I don’t have to do the same ride that many times.

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@swisspdx thanks for the hard work.

It would be great if Wahoo made an API available - be amazing to see what developers could come up with. Ditto Zwift.

For Zwift I just want to select a ride easily without having to load the app so ended up collecting the data manually and built ZwiftCloud

There is this. IDK if it helps what you’re looking at.
Zwift workouts and training plans | What's on Zwift?

@Saddlesaur - thanks, I’ve tried whatsonzwift - too much information - just want to know which worlds are active and see/sort rides in worlds based on distance or elevation etc.

This is not a problem on Wahoo Systm as app loads quickly and you can review/select rides easily. On Zwift the app has to connect to devices/trainer and only then can you see active worlds/calendar and then need to select one world at a time to list/select a ride.

Updated list with 🚀🚀🚀 NEW CONTENT: 10 New Inspiration Films 🚀🚀🚀. Same file/link as in top original post.

So hypothetically… If we were to create a webapp that would exist in our helpcenter that allowed users to select any publically available (cycling) workout, and enter their current 4DP values, what information would you like to see? NP/TSS/IF?
If we get a large list of ‘wished for’ data points we can create a poll and let all forum users give their input on it. All hypothetically speaking of course…


Thanks for looking at this post! I would love to be able to provide my 4DP input and get the NP/TSS/IF back as well as the rides details. It would also be great to have the number of times I’ve done the ride, and the data last exercised. Lastly all downloadable into a csv or similar. That would be awesome.

That is all available right now! Go yo Progress>History for a sortable list of all the rides you’ve done. Or click any ride from anywhere and you can see a history of each time you did it. If you want a csv of all your rides, go to Profile>About You and scroll to the bottom. You can get a csv emailed to you.


Thank you very helpful!

@AkaPete yes its there, but its only rides you’ve done. So first I can’t see what you have not exercised. On the csv download, that is what I do, then match it to the full list of rides available so I can have variation in my next rides.

@swisspdx Any chance of an update? :wink::pray:t2:

@genolan Look at Progress / Awards - is that what you are seeking?

Hi @JSampson. No, I need the entire list of cycling workouts available that I can cross reference with the one that I can get emailed to me of the ones that I’ve done

Progress->Awards is too broken down. I want to filter and sort in my own way

The easiest thing would be to bring back the “not ridden“ filter to the Library list

Even better would be to add a time to it. E.g. “not ridden in the last x months”