MTB: 7hr XCM, 14 weeks to go

I’ve seen a couple of threads here concerning 5hr+/100km XCM style events. I’m in a position where I’ve been training with the same coach for the UK winter months, but he’s going back to full time teaching and has understandably had to give up coaching - so I have to fly solo from hereon. I’m 47, and have a 7hr event in mid-June and I’m currently in the latter stage of base/power building. With 14 weeks left, I’m looking for a plan to complete base and get through to the event. The XC in-season/pre-season programs seem tuned to shorter, punchier XCO racing. Should I blend the Mountainous Gran Fondo and Volcano Climbing somehow?
The event is 7 hours; 11km / 310m climbing per lap. I’m looking to average 13-14km/h

Slight diversion, but that sounds like a fantastic event,what is it?

The MGF is often recommended for these events or a custom plan. Hoping to see an XC Ultra-marathon plan soon, it’s been said it is coming.

Hi @glj1974uk, welcome to the forum!

Have you seen our customized training plans?

Your situation sounds like a perfect fit for these!

@RichardK it’s Glentress7 in the Tweed Valley, Scotland. Part of the Tweedlove bike festival.

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Nice! Wrong end of the country for me unfortunately.

Have you looked at the gravel grinder plans? I’d be looking at those if my targets were longer races this year.

@RichardK thanks for the steer on this.