NEW Cadence Progression NoVids

We care about your 2024 training goals and want to make sure you have all the tools available to reach your goals this year! As part of that, we are pleased to release 10 new Novids to work on your Cadence:


High Cadence:

Low Cadence:

How to incorporate these sessions into your training:

High cadence progressions can be done instead of cadence builds or they are also a great option for your first ride back after some time away.

We recommend one of these sessions a week and progress to the next one when you can maintain the same consistent high cadence throughout each interval.

Low cadence progressions can be done instead of a tempo day and we recommend doing these the day after a hard or long workout as this will maximize the muscular endurance training benefits.

We recommend one of these sessions a week and progress to the next one when you can maintain form with a stable upper body throughout each interval.


As a rule I will not do NOVIDS. Too mind numbing


Download the zwo file and put it into the workouts folder in Zwift then you can at least have something to look at. I now do this for all no vids and it makes things a lot more bearable


Question; does cadence drills substitute Z2 workouts in terms of aerobic progression?


I find that judged by average HR or power, cadence sessions are top end Z1 or absolute bottom end of Z2. But when I was tracking HRV I found that a max cadence session has a bigger effect( reduction) on my HRV than any other session so there is definitely some kind of intense physiological response?

If I have to skip a workout the day before or after a cadence build session I’ll increase the difficulty of the recovery sections of the cadence workout to Z2 65-75%FTP. This doesn’t seem to adversely affect my ability to perform during the high cadence intervals, but I hopefully get the benefit of more time in zone 2.


I’m with you @ScottyCycles62 but I’m also with @ozmadman.

I’ll do NoVids, reluctantly, but need to look at something, so I would pick a flat course where at least my efforts make sense. I was doing that on RGT when, well, you know. Now I would do them on Zwift, until my sub runs out, or on indieVelo (which is free for now while in beta).

that is precisely how I feel about it too. When I signed up for The Sufferfest it was BECAUSE of the enterpaining and engaging videos that I can do over and over again. I 100% understand the value of some of the workouts in the No-Vids but given a choice, I will always pick a SUF sesh.




Do you know if this is possible on iPad/iPhone, or is it only an option with the Windows/Mac versions?

@ScottyCycles62 Just bring your own entertainment - movies, sports, racing, just music or podcasts. There are a lot of good workouts in the NoVid category. Personally I really like the progressions.

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@Namaku Correct - only an option with Mac or Windows both for SYSTM and Zwift. Use the browser extension tool and be sure to convert to a .zwo file.

Def not a fan of NoVids. It’s ludicrously cheap/easy to create NoVids so it doesn’t represent much of an effort on Wahoo’s part in improving/supporting Systm. What I like and want are vids creatively and entertainingly synchronized with the workout to help with motivation and reduce the tedium of indoor training (e.g. The Sufferfest and some On Location workouts). In any case, all 367 current workouts are already NoVids if the video is simply turned off in the workout player settings. That’s what I do for vids I’m not particularly interested in seeing again (typically Inspiration) and then I’ll use the miniplayer over some other content I find on-line.


Bringing your own entertainment only works if you have a second screen or are running SYSTM on a device that supports the mini-player so you can still see the workout cues and instructions.

Roll on the new workout player, its been coming for years…


@Saddlesaur I question whether it is really practical to create videos for these sorts of progressions. There is a lot of content already in the platform that includes a video and either music or narration. For those that want to have a broad workout catalog I think the NoVids are a great way to do it.

TrainerRoad requires brining your own entertainment and several of the advertised AI and other coaching platforms also do the same. So to me I get the best of both of worlds with SYSTM.


Agreed. I also find that after doing a video workout more than two or three times (and there are quite a few that I’ve done dozens and dozens of times), the videos are just as mind numbing as staring at the wall. At this point in my SUF career, I almost always use the mini player and put something more entertaining on in the background.


That’s a fair point. But…videos with a story and music are infinitely more engaging and can beat TTBS. There’s no reason why some of the NoVids couldn’t be modified slightly and made into SUF vids.

While I appreciate the variety the No-Vids offer, literally nothing else on the market compares to a SUF vid, many of which were no-vids to start with eg. Blender, The Chores, The Bat etc

I’d really love to see The Company investing in content that fully engages the user and that stand up to repeated playing but fear those days are behind us now with the loss of Sir Francois.


Trainer Road also lets you bring your own entertainment, which is still not an option in SYSTM for mobile devices like the iPad (as @JGreengrass mentions above).

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Thank you.
Love Progressions for when been off the bike for a week or two.
And love that it’s NoVid workouts. Bring more of them.
Having the luxury of a second screen gives me the perfect option to stream my choice of videos.
And no way I would want to watch anything on a phone/tablet/laptop size screen.

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I came from Trainerroad and Zwift for 4DP and the vids. Systm has introduced very little new content beside NoVids. And there is no type of workout that they couldn’t have a vid for. I can find stuff on line, which certainly isn’t keyed to the workout, but is sufficient distraction from the tedium. They can do it, and IMO, they should be doing it…along with a number of improvements to the workout player and calendar that have been repeatedly brought up.


@Glen.Coutts They might be - but what about crowd sourcing a video. There is enough Sufferfest knowledge within this group to certainly design a video.

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So let us begin.

The first thing you have to do is decide what the workout goal is (i.e. what relevant real-world goal - for example endurance, sprinting, clearing metabolites, etc.).

Secondly, using the 4DP metrics, design the details of the workout to fit those goals.

Thirdly, you have to fit a story line to that workout.

Fourthly, you have to get the video and audio to match the story.

Finally, you need some workout player to play the video.

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