NEW Novids In SYSTM!



To complete the 4DP progression series, I am super happy to share the news that we now have progressions 1-5 for NM and MAP as well as the already available and popular AC and FTP ones.

These NoVids are great to improve in a given metric, especially if you have struggled with 4 or 5 star workouts for the given metric. It’s best to only add one specific progression at a time if you are still doing other hard workouts during the week.
If these are your ONLY sessions of intensity it’s okay to do 2 per week.

Ideally you would complete each session twice before moving to the next level. For levels 1-3 if you have previous experience/decent fitness it’s okay to stay to 1 new one per week.
We never suggest doing intensity for more than 3 consecutive weeks (meaning if you do 1 a week for 3 weeks you should NOT do one on the 4th week).

For levels 4 and 5 of all progressions we recommend once per week, and you should be able to complete level 4 three times before moving to the next level.
After a new fitness test you should ‘drop down’ 1 or 2 levels on the progression. SO if you do a fitness test after having completed level 4, you should start back at level 2 for at least 1 week with the new numbers

Click below to go straight to the workout:

1. MAP Progression 1: 2 Sets 8 x 30/15
2. MAP Progression 2: 2 Sets 10 x 30/15
3. MAP Progression 3: 2 Sets 12 x 30/15
4. MAP Progression 4: 3 Sets 10 x 30/15
5. MAP Progression 5: 3 Sets 12 x 30/15

1. NM Progression 1: 2 Sets 3 x 10
2. NM Progression 2: 2 Sets 4 x 10
3. NM Progression 3: 3 Sets 3 x 10
4. NM Progression 4: 3 Sets 4 x 10
5. NM Progression 5: 3 Sets 5 x 10


How excellently gruesome!

Question on the MAP series - where/how would one compare these to a workout like Revolver or The Model?


How does the NM progression compare with some of the other workouts such as Cadence Builds and Standing Starts?

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Thank you sir may I have another! I just dropped on a MAP focus block after this week’s recovery from the Tour. Will definitely drop some of these in for videos I’ve done recently.


Both are great MAP-workouts, but the targets are little diffrent from these MAP workouts.
I will say that The Model with changing recovery times more targets your body to cope with the burn/ lactic acid and make the body more efficient to recover/clear the lactic.
Revolver is more of a workout were you stack alot of time in short time in MAP-zone. But here you have a more linier workout/recovery phase across the whole workout.
The new workouts feels like harder and little more targeted in the MAP progression.

This is my take on it. But maybe the coaches can pick out the diffrencies it little more than my most ordinary take on the thing.


@Ribbleman79 @Malte Agreed - the interval times are a bit different as well and some may have a preference for that. Some of this is covered in the Knowledge Podcast on MAP - Episode 63 but not in depth.

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If you look at the 4DP breakdown:

Revolver is 1-4-5-1
The Model is 1-3-5-5.

The first three MAP Progressions are:
The last two are

On that basis, the MAP Progressions are closer to Revolver than The Model.


How/when can we get these as workouts in RGT?

You can’t as far as I know. The only way is to send the no vid workout to RGT and then it will get put into a
ride which you can then ride on RGT

@Erik-KOS Use the browser extension tool to export the fit file and then email it to with the same email that is registered to RGT.

Let me know if you have any issues. I have done it a few times and should be able to assist.

I’m not seeing this in SYSTM app, how do I find this on SYSTM app.

Look in the NoVids section of the library.

As others have said, these sessions are more explicitly MAP-focused compared to a session like The Model.
There are two aims of a good MAP session. Time spent riding at/around MAP and at/near VO2 max.
Compared to longer MAP intervals (like AVDP), micro-intervals generally allow more time at/near MAP and at/near VO2 max. Any session that takes you above FTP will always have an AC component to the power production. Shorter recovery periods diminish the amount of energy you can produce via AC. If you spend the same amount of time at/near MAP over longer intervals with longer recoveries, micro-intervals will force you to spend more time creating power aerobically.
That is not to say that micro-intervals are the only good MAP intervals. There are use cases for longer MAP intervals regarding lactate tolerance, muscular endurance, accurate pacing, and more.
When it comes to these MAP progressions, we opted for these 30/15 micro intervals as they are the ‘easiest’ to progress linearly, generally mentally easier, and, to be completely honest, are the MAP intervals I prefer to do so my inclination to complete these sessions was a factor in going with this format.


For NM training, there are always two components. Speed, which we work on during Cadence Builds, and Torque, which we work on during Standing Starts. To produce more power, you need higher leg speed or more torque. These NM sessions differ because they aren’t focused on one aspect(speed or torque) but the combination of the two.
These are sessions that should absolutely 100% be completed in level mode. The goal is to hit your highest peak power during each sprint. That means finding the correct gear ratio and resistance level on your trainer.
These sessions aren’t meant to replace Standing Starts, Cadence Builds, or Cadence Drills. They are simply a different way to target your NM.


Right now I periodically do Cadence Builds and Standing Starts. I try to do Violater once a quarter. If one has limited time, how would you incorporate these new workouts.

If on the trainer I would swap out a normal SS session with one of these once a month. If outdoors I would swap out CB once a month.

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I guess I still have to do Violater (it is scheduled for Friday). :slight_smile:

@Coach.Rupert.H will these map progressions make their way in to the building blocks like their FTP brethren have in the threshold blocks?

Like @tbronder I’m in a map block now and will probably drop some in, but a revamped block would be neat. Or perhaps an alternate version which prioritises the novid progressions and keep the existing one that has the glory of the video workouts.


Great question, it is on our to do list so expect some updates in there in the near future :slight_smile:


If you filter on NM focus and filter by the word “progression”, you see 1, 3, 4 and 5 but not 2.
If you filter on any 4DP focus and filter by the word “progression” you see NM Progression 2.