New "Climb Trial" option in low volume Virtual Training plan

Does anybody know anything about the “Climb Trial” currently in the Virtual Racing low volume plan. It seems to be associated with the “Wahoo Sports Science Tilt Study”, but I can’t find any information about this online. It seems to be very low volume, as in less than 2 hours a week. Could one choose this, but supplement with additional workouts/rides/races, or would that spoil the hypothesis they are testing in the study?

In the calendar the first workout is “Half Monty 2: Electric Boogaloo” with instructions to select this Beta only version of Half Monty from the ‘Fitness Test’ channel. Does one need to be a designated Beta tester to access this? Or does one have to download a Beta version of the App? Or maybe there is a special checkbox that needs to be checked somewhere to enable this.

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Interesting find! My theory is that it’s something for beta testers that they just buried deep in the tree so that few regular folks would find it (maybe there’s no way to have a training plan option for beta-only users?). Maybe the sports science team are looking to collect data on performance between the Half Monty and the uphill TT effort?

There have been other hints of an updated Half Monty–which has a shorter “constrained effort” section… hopefully that can get released to the masses soon!


The Climb Trial seems to be something from RGT, just click on the ride in the plan for the information.

Presumably the training plan is about climbing, and I guess there are two cohorts one of which is doing “tilted” training whilst the other is doing the training on the flat. I guess we will find out more if the results are published. Meanwhile this subject would be an excellent podcast topic if it’s not too secret. I suppose there was a coding error or mis-configuration that left the option in for non-beta test users, and we were never supposed to see it.

BTW I would happily throw my hat into the ring to be part of such a study!

thanks for flagging this. At the end of 2022 we conducted a 6-week study for which we aim to present our results and findings at the ACSM conference in Denver later on this year.

More info to follow later on this year


Thanks Coach Rupert! I look forward to seeing the results from the study. Are there any upcoming studies or beta besting for which you are looking for participants?

We haven’t got any right now but I will let you know when we do.