Workout progression

Is there a way to identify the rough progression of workouts for any given target area?

There are a number of workouts for map for example, and I want to work my way through them, so how would/could I identify which is harder than the next OR implement a progression for a particular workout over time

For example increasing the difficulty of Big gear map from one session to the next or do 9 hammers before 14 vice grips before something else because one is tougher than the next.

The closest I see for that is the 5 “bar” rating from 1-5 where the more a workout focuses on any particular metric the more bars it has.

You can sort the workout list by MAP FTP etc so if it’s MAP the top workouts will have 5, then 4 etc.

Not sure if this helps or answers your question.

I thought that was more to give an idea of how much it focuses on that particular component of fitness but you could be right.

Maybe the intensity factor or tss? I dont know, i come from a olympic lifting background where progression is a little simpler and easy to understand (to me)

Maybe I pick a few I like and each week or two raise the percentage by 1% lol

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I think YOU’RE right. Your query then is beyond my scope of knowledge and is probably best answered by a coach or someone with more intimate understanding of the training intent and effect of the workouts both individually and comparatively.

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P.S. I moved your question to the Training topic.

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To improve map could you do 4DP then the map building blocks plan, retest 4DP then maps block again.

Ahh, so it’s a case of the workouts get harder as map goes up.

I guess I was hoping more for a workout progression between testing.

I can’t really commit to a plan as missing workouts drives me nuts and they don’t fit my schedule so I’m trying to work out how I can gradually progress some if the map sessions week to week.

For example week 1 6x2 @ 100% map, week 2 6x3@100% map or 6x2 @100% then 6x2@103%

I hope that makes sense

I would take a look at the training plan blocks. There is one specifically for MAP (3 and 4 week plans). The plans should have the correct progression built in.

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I had the same thought. I loaded a plan and made a list of the order they list the map focused workout.

Good shout, thank you.