New Strength Levels

A little confused on picking the new strength levels.

Recently finished the In-Season XC Plan w Beginner 3-4/UpperBody A

So moving to one of the new pre-season plans, what would correspond with what was Intermediate 1-4/Upperbody A?


Had the same question in the other thread, no answer though.

I guess anyone using intermediate in the old setup would be best off just setting the filter to that and starting off in the mid range. Shame there’s not more guidance though, I hate trying to work out where I am through trial and error.

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I had the same question.

This article should help - Focused Strength Training – Wahoo Fitness Support


Thanks, very helpful link.

Edit - Though seemingly mostly focussed on what you pick for your training plan. I guess I could set up a test plan and see what sessions they’re picking for each of the levels.

Thank you

A link to the mapping of old to new yoga and strength workout names: Mapping old strength training names to new? - #2 by Stevewvu


Thank you, based on this and the other reply it appears I correctly guess the right level. Now hoping I picked the right pre-season plan (XCM).

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  • Looks like UpperBody A is now obsolete- which was expected.

Hey there folks, thanks for your questions and sorry for the delay. First off you’ll want to take a look at this help article. It will answer many of your questions about the transition from the original strength to the new SYSTM focused strength.

As you mentioned upper body A is no longer in the mix. However we do have several new upper body workouts, as well as core focused workouts which have a considerable amount of upper body work in them.

If you are a CX racer or like to rip the mountain bike these new progressions are going to be perfect for you.

I highly recommend starting at level one and working your way through. But it goes without saying that some of you have been hitting it hard and would want to jump in somewhere above level one. For the core and upper body workouts you can probably get away with that without getting hurt. You’ll either be able to do it or you won’t (again, I recommend following the progression).
With any of the lower body series, dynamic series or post chain series you should absolutely start at the beginning of the progression. Not following the proper progression could very easily lead to injury.

Give it a go and have fun!
Cheers from the road!


So I remain confused, but thank you for your answer. I’ve been doing plans with intermediate level 4-6 strength for a year now, two weeks on, one week off, using light weights. If I understand what you mean, you’re basically saying to start at level one when I set up a new plan even if I’ve been doing that. Is that right? I’m really excited to try some of the new strength workouts - I know how important it is to mix it up.

Hey @Coach.Jeff.H
Is there a list of the material needed for the new strength workouts?

I see 2 bottles and a chair won’t do the job for the new videos and some descriptions are missing the material needed and is just by reading the exercises that one can know that a band is needed.


Hey @Reynaldo_Lopez , Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get that equipment list updated right away. Thanks for pointing that out.

Hi @BikeGirl,

Thanks for the message. If you have been doing intermediate levels for some time you do not necessarily have to start at square one. But the moves and combinations for the Focus sessions are very different. I’d say that it’s a good idea to back it up and start at a lower level and work your way up. However, if you have a plan that includes the Dynamic Series or Lower Body series I highly recommend that you start from level one regardless of what level you have previously completed as there are jumping moves and it takes time for your body to adapt to this stress. I hope this is helpful. Go crush it!

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Thanks! I changed my plan to one of the new plans and decided to go with level 1 on the new strength (upper body, dynamic, and lower body) - I’ll substitute one of the harder workouts when it’s a full body day. Seems smart to start easy since these are new moves.