Nit-Picks and Typos

The tiniest UI nitpick, but if you could make the upcoming phase indicator in the graph the same colour as the phase timer then it would help easy comprehension (instead of me just figuring it out 8 months later), like a shade of blue that works with the remaining power graph, for example.

Mental Training: 16. Regular Monthly Review

The slide at time 1m36 cuts to the next one too early so that the end of the audio narration is cut off.

In Neck Mobility B, at 6:54 it sounds like the narrator says “take a deep breath in as you exhale. And drop your shoulders…” rather than what he probably meant, “take a deep breath in. As you exhale, drop…”

If I could take a deep breath in as I exhale, I’d probably be a more efficient cyclist, but it’s not as easy as it sounds…


Hello, at the end of recent FF, the heart rate ranges were remarkably precise…!
On closing at reopening the Athlete profile a more sensible range was visible without being calculated to near Pi levels of precision…

Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 13.10.52|690x350


Just noticed an error in Tempo High Cadence: 4 x 3.
In the description area at the bottom it says there are 3 sets. From the name and the graphic it is 4.

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Wrong image in the Workout of the Week.


Mental Training - 19. Planning For Every Event Scenario

At the 1m20s mark, the slide cuts off too early, while the audio hasn’t finished the final sentence.

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In Dynamic Focus 8 there’s an exercise in which the audio description and text say “squat jump repeats” but the video is “scissor jumps”

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Tagging @Rupert.H to look at this. It might be difficult to fix as they probably need a voiceover plus fixing the text.

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In “Fight Club” (this is the new edition, I believe) there is a double space between the words “throw” and “punches” at 24:39 into the ride.

In fact, this is a great
time to throw punches…

2023-09-23 11_01_53-Greenshot

@Rupert.H Tagging Coach Rupert to take a look.

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Thanks for flagging, Fight Club has been addressed.

For some of the others keep listing them here, they are not as straight forward so I cannot do the instantly but great to have them on the list nonetheless so we can fix long term.