Off season plan enduro and xc races?

Hi, I’am having little bit hard time to think what should I train on winter/off season with systm. I’am experienced racer and athlete in many sport event, like crossfit,enduro mtb marathons,nordic skiing and also decathlon(though over 20 y ago :grin:). I’am use to train interval training and olympic weighlifting is no strange to me also. Also I just bought kickr. And I’am new to systm.

So I did 4d test last monday. 1496 nm/ac 596/map 315/ftp 229. Attacker. ftp weak and ac. As a 42y old, and family work(do also night shifts) recovery and training is challenging.

I have own strenght plan,though will do those system exellent strenght and yoga session also. But my question is, is there any “golden” plan if I do example blocks?. Starting base tomorrow but what about after that? Another 4 week base block?. Or compining some other blocks also tempo/threshold/base etc. Or doing just only block example tempo and after that maybe threshold?. I have 4-10 h per week,depending work etc.

Or maybe enduro or marathon plan? Season prep when races over 13 weeks,though they are likely 7 months away. Same question arrives also when this 3 month plan ends. What after that?

You could do the XCM pre-season, then TOS prep, TOS, Post-TOS, XCM preseason, XCM IN-Season.

Hey @HMa ,
Welcome to SYSTM! Choosing your plan should be based on your goals. If you’ve just come off racing season, you may want to try the Transition Plan, Dial It Down. There really is no “golden plan”. Once you start your training for next season, choose the plan that most fits your needs/goals and progression toward event season. You want a plan that fits with your life and adds to your fitness. Sorry this is not as specific as you wanted but to really dial down what you want/need perhaps a chat with a coach would help you in your decision. Especially if you have variable training availability.