Pause a program

I recently started training with SYSTM and I really do love it. My only issue is that it seems to be geared for people who are home all the time, regular Monday-Friday workers with weekends off. I fly for a living and work mainly week on, week off. Is there a way to pause the program? I’ve been trying to shuffle things about and do as much as possible in the weeks that I’m home, but it’s not working all that well. Any helpful ideas?

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There’s a feature request if I ever saw one. This is gonna seem weird but it might work, in your situation.

Implement a plan making note of the start date and all the specifics. Once implemented, after a week of training, on your off-week delete the plan. Then when you’re back implement the same plan with a start date of 1 week later than your initial start date (ie the date you started your off week). Rinse and repeat. It’s inelegant obviously and wouldn’t be without its challenges but it might be worth a shot.

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With respect, this is probably specific to a plan rather than the SYSTM app itself.

I think there are probably many people like yourself who work odd hours, shift work, etc. It therefore is a reasonable request to ask for a “non-standard” plan.

It is absolutely possible to request a personalized plan from the coaching team to meet your specific needs but this is (currently) an additional cost.

I’m afraid I can’t offer more advice than Sir @Glen.Coutts has already ventured but I’d be very interested in a response from the coaches.


I second the idea to chat with a coach. In the meantime, you could use a plan as inspiration for your at home weeks. Maybe do Primers on Mondays, hard intervals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, an endurance ride on Friday, and active recovery rides or days off the other days. You can probably do yoga and strength even while away from home if you like.

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manually enter the workouts on your calendar while sitting on the airplane

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Thank you all for taking the time to offer suggestions. The strength and yoga workouts are perfect for hotel rooms since they generally require little equipment and space. No need to visit the fitness center with the unwashed masses! I will continue to reschedule rides as necessary this week, but next week I’ll reach out to the coaches for some additional advice.

Hi Jen!

Yes! As other have mentioned you always have the option of scheduling a call with a coach…

I also suggest keeping track of which workouts you are able to complete and when… Then continue to follow the order of the planned workouts as best as possible without beating yourself up about the days between that it is not possible. Are you training for a specific event or excited to improve your fitness?

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Hi Jinger!
I’ve been pretty creative with moving things around and making it work. I think I will schedule a call or get a personal plan based on my work schedule which is changes each month.

Last year I sort of lost my focus and my training suffered. I won’t let that happen again this year. I have some events on my schedule in spring and early summer, but mostly I ride for general fitness or bike trips to Europe.

Despite gallons of anti-bacterial goo, masks and bubble wrapping myself when out with the public, I managed to get COVID last week and am home for a bit now. It’s put a small kink in the works, but nothing dreadful.

Thanks for your support!

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Oh no @Jenmacdougall ! I am sorry and sad to hear you tested positive- wishing you a speedy recovery.

Being creative and flexible with a schedule like yours is the key to success- and simply staying as consistent as possible, without feeling guilty when life gets in the way.

Fitness and trips are one of the best goals as I always want to maximize my happiness factor while enjoying the scenery! Sounds fun!